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Building & Painting The Sloppy Jalopy 28mm 1/56th scale T62 MBT

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The latest 28mm modern AFV kit to be released by Sloppy Jalopy is the Soviet T-62 MBT.

Sloppy Jalopy 28mm T62

The kit was cleanly cast, and very straight forward to put together. Their was a very thin film of resin between the wheels that was easily cleaned up with a hobby knife and a small file.

After gluing the tracks to the hull, the next thing to do is to glue the Turret Mountings to the hull as shown to either side of the turret apeture.

Sloppy Jalopy 28mm T62

The only other pieces to be added to the hull are the optional supplementary fuel drums which are glued in place as shown.

Sloppy Jalopy 28mm T62

The pieces that combine to make the turret include the hand rails, hatches, searchlight, machine gun and gun barrel.

Sloppy Jalopy 28mm T62

The mounting holes for the handrails are cast in the turret, but I found it better to open these up a little with a pin vice to get a more secure fit. While I did the pin vice out I also drilled into the end of the main gun.

Sloppy Jalopy 28mm T62

Once the glue had dried, I sprayed the hull and turret seperately with some spray primer. As I had some I used Dunkelb Yellow as I planned to paint my T-62 as in Syrian rather than Soviet service.

Sloppy Jalopy 28mm T62

The tank was very easy to paint. In fact I only used 3 colors and 1 ink.

1.Vallejo VAL819 Model Color - Iraqi Sand was painted over the whole model apart from the tracks, leaving the darker 'Dunkelb' spray viable in recesses.

2.Vallejo VAL863 Model Color - Gunmetal Grey was painted on tracks, machine gun and front of searchlight.

3. Army Painter Soft Tone Ink was watered down and painted over the whole model including the tracks with a large soft brush to shade and add contrast

4. Vallejo VAL976 Model Color - Buff was drybrushed over the hull, turret and wheels with a large drybrush concentrating on the raised detail.

Sloppy Jalopy 28mm T62

Finally I brushed some MIG weathering powder 'Gulf War Sand' over the model, particularly the tracks to dull the finish down and weather it in.

The Sloppy Jalopy T-62 kit has just been added to our web site and will be available from us at the wargames shows that we attend.

Click here to take a look.

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