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Albedo Combat Patrol - Recce Patrol

Albedo Combat Patrol - Recce Patrol

Last Saturday (15th September), Doug & I had a first play through of the introductory scenario from Albedo Combat Patrol.

I also played this scenario through with Justin when we visited Beasts of War and we made a 'Let's Play video of it'


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The introductory game represents a recce patrol running into a defensive standing patrol. Confed Forces are in defensive positions around the main communications complex. The ILR have sent out recce patrols of fire team strength to identify the defenders state of readiness and the strength of their positions.

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This clash takes place in the industrial estate surrounding the comms complex.


As this is an introductory scenario with very small forces involved, each figure gets it's own activation dice and acts as an independent unit. Confed had a fire team consisting off a squad leader with machine pistol and three troopers armed with the LAKW 1-56 Assault Rifle.


The ILR fire team has a team leader and five troopers, four armed with carbines and one with a LMG.


The Confed team leader and foxy trooper deploy into a building, hoping to get a good field of fire from a covered position.


Trooper Fox smashes the glazing with his rifle butt and scans the horizon for signs of movement.


At the far side of the complex, ILR troopers are moving through buildings and taking up positions for a cautious advance.

Confed form a loose line, making best use of the cover in and around the buildings to the left.

The superior range of the Confed rifle takes it's toll, as the lepine casualties mount.


However, the frontal assault is a feint and a pair of ILR troopers make their way around the rear of the buildings. Although one of the pair goes down, the survivor takes Trooper Fox out as he fumbles a magazine change, leaving the path clear for a rush to the exit (which game the ILR three bonus victory points) as they had slipped the patrol and could report on the positions they were shielding.


At that point, on the last turn it looked like a draw with 4 victoty oints a side. Confed had incapacitated 4 ILR troopers for 4VPS, ILR had got a trooper of the table and incapacitated one Confed trooper for 4 victory points. How ever, in the last activation of the last turn this Confed trooper charges and manages to incapicitate his opponent tipping the scales to a 5 vs 4 result for Confed.


This was a very tense and exciting game which could have easily gone the other way. The introductory scenario is a great way to get to grips with the fast, fuirious and realistic card driven combat mechanics at the heart of Albedo Combat Patrol.

Albedo Combat Patrol was sucessfully funded via Kickstarter.

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