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Bringing the scene to life... villagers and townsfolk

Since my post about modelling and rigging a Xebec, I've had quiet a few emails and messages about the backdrop and activities going on around the Quay, so I've taken a few more photos focussing on the townsfolk. What ever period or genre I am gaming, I do like to include some locals going about there day to day business as part of the game board, as I find empty houses and streets to look like something is missing.


The buildings in the foreground were designed by me about 15 years ago for the Conflix range. The town base is made from 1' square modular terrain tiles from theTerra-Former range and the wooden platforms and jetties are also part of the same range. The townsfolk are all from 'The Villagers' range and include the Washday, Gone Fishing, A night at the Tavern, Tavern Brawl and Children at Play sets.



The Wash Day Set is one of my favourites, it's a scene that would have been seen around the world for many hundreds of years. As well as the four women, and the helpful young girl the set includes the washing line full of clothes and various baskets and scrubbing boards. Judging by the set of the Xebec's sails, I'd say it's going to be a good day for drying laundry!



Gone fishing! These guys are normally found on a bridge or beside a stream, but look just as much at home doing a bit of sea fishing of the jetty.  My favourite bit about this set is the frog modelled onto the tree trunk that comes with the set for the fisherman to sit on.


Oh dear, looks like some trouble has spilled out from the Inn, another not uncommon sight around dockside drinking establishments around the world. The two fighters, the two fans and the guy taking side bets are all from The Tavern Brawl set, while the two happy drunks staggering home to be met by the angry wife with a rolling pin are from the 'A Night at the Tavern' set. She does not look well pleased to see them!


This pair of figures are from 'The Shepherds' set, but I thought there poses also suited some dockside workers with heaving lines at the ready.


Finally we have 'Children at Play'.... it does not look like the safest place to be playing, and no responsible adult in sight, ah well, different times!


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