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Captain Nemo and Crew... a League for In Her Majestys Name

Over the last couple on months I have been putting together a league for the 2nd Edition of In Her Majestys Name based on Captain Nemo.


The miniatures have been 3D printed in resin from files from Iain Lovecrafts Pirates vs Cthullu kickstarter.


The Nautilus is a Work in Progress, it needs a bit more painting and some shading and weathering. This is also 3D printed from Pirates vs Cthulu this time on an Ender 5 FDM printer using PLA.


My good friend Mike Strong has helped me out with defining the stats for Nemos Crew in IHMN.

We've not played a game with them, hoping to very soon so the stats are subject to change, in which case I will update them here.


You can click here to download the Nemo League for IHMN as a PDF file.


The bridge is 3D printed from Iain Lovecrafts 'The Frost' Kickstarter and the Lighthouse was 3D printed from a free file from Thingiverse.


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