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First game of Stargrave

First game of Stargrave

Last week Mike and I got together to play our first game of Stargrave.

Mike has modelled a Starwars themed crew using models from Star Wars Legion.


I have put together an Albedo themed crew, based on the Interstellar exploration of the Creationist who set off on a voyage of exploration to answer the questions, who created us and to what purpose. I have covered collecting and converting these models in an earlier hobby blog, click here to take a look.


The scenario is set in the hanger bay and surrounding rooms on board a spaceship.


We decides it was going to be best to deploy from opposite corners rather than opposite sides.


The creationists are working on getting the door open to the hanger bay.


Once into the main hanger bay the crew spreads out, my captain (she is the cat looking at a datapad), is a mystic. One of her first actions is to invoke her void blade.


Mike's troopers deploy into the hanger bay, making best use of cover. His leader (also a mystic) invokes void blade, jumps down and starts heading for the loot.


The black wall is my captains 'Hollographic Wall', cast to give the crew some protection against shooting as the head for the loot.


After a brief exchange of fire my Exective Officer (the mouse in the pink jumpsuit), takes a hit and is down for the remainder of the mission.


The troopers have made it into the main computer room and are busy downloading the data loot tokens.


The troopers scorned the Holographic Wall and closed for melee, the physical loot sitting unreachable between us.


My codebreaker (the hedgehog with the data pad has managed to pick up some loot and is heading for the exit.


The fight in the hanger bay intensifies and my captain and a recruit have backed away to make best use of cover.


Although not shown in the photographs, our explorers were also troubled by a bounty hunter and some space pirates attracted by the noise.


Here we see my grenadier taking cover behind some crates, he was particularly useful while a Husky Dog trooper attempts to divert attention before the recruit is sliced to pieces by the void blade.


It was a very enjoyable game, my crew gained and Advanced +1 Carbine, my Captain Lana Acal gained a level and improved her ability to invoke suggestion, and we both learnt a lot about the game. We are certainly looking forward to playing many more games of Stargrave.

The Hanger bay terrain and shuttle featured in the Sally 4th 'Shuttles and Spacers' Kickstarter. They are curruntly available through Gamefound, click here for details.


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