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Goblin Civil War - Assault on Estis de Orros

Goblin Civil War - Assault on Estis de Orros

Last week Elton, John and I got together over zoom to enjoy another play test game of Goblin Civil War.


The war ravaged village of "estis de orros" famous for being so poor they steal each others washing as a job, and corn. On the Right you see the Regulars of the "3rd Regimentia Du Malsos" supported by the crew of the gunboat "Vagrant" and the local police of the Gardia muncipale. on the left you see the local "Arriopos workers Miltia" AWM for short supported by the armed monks and nuns of the local the Abbey De Bartolos, named after Siant Bartolos the beligerant.


Du Malsos command and De Orros gardia advance through the cornfields to the south of the village.




The crew of the Vagrant support the flank of the Du Malsos as they advance on the ruins of the town.


On the left you can see the AWM dogpack and the Bartolene monks as they advance to meet the regimantias command group.


The bulk of the AWM commit to retaking the town, passing the gardia station as they go.


The Crew of the Vagrant managed to occupy the towns northern ruins.


The Du Malsos advance to occupy the town centre.


The AWM mount a desperate charge to clear out the crew of the Vagrant from the ruins.


... and they pull it off!


Overall a AWM victory the village has been retaken however there is a still pockets of resistance on the cornfields and houses of the south of the village.


We are getting used to playing miniatures games over Zoom, so this played very well, however it's not quiet the same as face to face gaming, however it does allow us to help Elton with his playtesting and development of the Goblin Civil War game.

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