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Guard's Guard.. A Frostgrave Warband

Guard's Guard.. A Frostgrave Warband

I've been a big fan of Frostgrave ever since the first edition was launched. It seemed to me that our new range of Guard's Guard fantasy miniatures, inspired by Sir Terry's Discworld would be perfect for a themed Frostgrave warband. They might not be about to win any competitions, but to me that is secondary to having good fun.


Here, we see the complete Warband, posing for the camera before heading North to the Frozen City. I do hope Captain Carrot has packed some warmer clothes! The more observant may have noted the 11th man. Ridcully has 'Animate Construct' in his spellbook and will invariably attempt to create 'Porter' on turn one.


The Warband is led by the great mage himself, Ridcully. His magic backed up by his trusty crossbow.


Wizard, apprentice and animated construct. Ridcully has taken Rincewind under his wing and is hoping to bring him on a bit. I'm not sure if Rincewind is running into trouble or away from danger, only time will tell.


I've decided that magic from Wizards of the Unseen University is either big complicated rituals carried out over time in the background or is immediate, loud and straightforward. For this reason, I've made Ridcully an Elementalist and given him Element Bolt, Element Ball and Destructive Sphere as his core spells. That should teach them... failing that, it's a double tap with the trusty crossbow.


The specialist soldiers are Err... a baby dragon (Warhound), Captain Carrot (Templar), Vimes (Knight) and The Libraian (Barbarian).


Which leads us to the PBT (poor bloody thugs). Look's like Vimes has rounded up four watchmen, skiving to make up the numbers, (Raymond, Arthur, Harold and Terry). I hope it is not to dangerous where they are going.


That's my starting Warband. There are more Guard's Guard miniatures available in the Kickstarter, so we may have some substitutions over time.

Click here to take a look at the Guard's Guard campaign.

I've made the Roster sheet for theGuard's Guard Frostgrave Warband available as a download as well. Click here to download it.

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