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It's all been a terrible mistake, mishaps in the Dungeon Dimensions

It's all been a terrible mistake, mishaps in the Dungeon Dimensions

On Wednesday Mike and I got together to play a couple of games of Thud & Blunder based on The Unseen University and The Watch from Guard's Guards by Terry Pratchet using the new Sally 4th miniatures inspired by the books. Our first adventure takes place in the basements below the Unseen University. The Meritous Professor of Grotesque Biology has accidently opend up a portal to the Dungeon Dimensions and some pretty grotesque Dungeon Denizens have taken the opportunity to cause chaos in the prime material plane.


Here we see them emerging and making an awful mess of the Professor of Grotesque Biology’s study.


Looks like Rincewind was 'helping out'. I wonder if he can run faster than a Dungeon Denizen Chaos Gribbly!


Looks like he's made it into the main eating chamber, but I don't think the Dungeon Denizen is far behind him, and I don't think it came alone.


Help is at hand Modo the Gnome caretaker has brought help in the form of The Chair of Grotesque Biology, The Bursar, Professor Ridculy and The Librarian.


The Chair and the Librarian attempt the subtle approach of Fireballing the door into submission.


Meanwhile Modo leads the Bursar and Ridcully right flanking along the corridor at the run.


Rincewind barely gets into the main chamber before a Lesser Denizen bursts through the study door after him.


The door proved resistant to fireballs, so the Librarian 'goes ape' and attempts to remove the door from its hinges.


Things are looking a bit bleak for Rincewind who now faces off against four Lesser Denizens.


No one is more surprised than Rincewind, when despite being cursed he manages to dispatch one of the hideous creatures.


The Librarian and the Chair of Grotesque Biology finally manage to batter down the door and sprint across the chamber to take on the demonic beings. They are nearly knocked flat on there faces by Rincewinds sudden desire to be elsewhere.


The door to the right hand passage gives way under the storm of magical attacks from Ridcully and The Bursar and the giant horror heads in there direction.


The Librarian shows off some tasty martial arts moves, and while the Denizen is distracted head butts it into oblivion. Rincewind regains his composure and assists the Chair by blessing him prior to his fire ball attack on the approaching Lesser Denizen.


After a couple of turns of going toe to tentacle with the Greater Denizen, who had squeezed into the passageway, Ridcully aided by a Blessing from the Bursar petrifies the beast. Once turned to stone all Ridcully needs to do is dispatch some first year students armed with chisels and hammers to disassemble and reassemble in his trophy room, with all those tentacles and other appendages, as a coat stand, it will be the talk of the University for years to come.

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Comments: 1

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