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Pulp Alley: Captain America vs Hydra Episode 2 - The Goldfinch

Pulp Alley: Captain America vs Hydra Episode 2 - The Goldfinch

Sainte-Marine France 1943.

The Goldfinch, an SOE agent carries top secret plans for a heavy water plant being constructed in Norway as part of the Nazi's atomic weapons research. It is vital to the allied war effort that the plans are recovered to aid there own research and to enable a commando mission to be dispatched to destroy the factory. The only thing worse than the Nazi's recovering the Goldfinch and her secrets are if the fell into the hands of Red Skull & Hydra.


Sainte-Marine is a small Breton village with a harbour


The Goldfinch has managed to keep her identity hidden. She has recruited a cell of resistance fighters in Saint-Marine, if the characters can make contact with them they may be able to identify 'The Goldfinch' so she can be approached.


The Goldfinch


Andre the cafe owner


Madame Gagnon the post mistress


Claudette the Nun


Jerome the Travelling Salesman

... as you may have noticed, the Gendarme are everywhere and they are always on the look out for agents. The area within a large template of a Gendarme counts as a perilous area. At the end of the turn they move D8" in a random direction, unless there has been combatwithin 12" in which case they move towards the character who has taken the most combat actions, i.e. has the most 'Pow' tokens on there base. There's also a couple of dogs, they are a small perilous area, they can bark and give a charcater away. They also move D8" in a random direction.


As if this was not enough trouble for the characters to deal with, there is a traitor within 'The Goldfinch's' network. One of the reward cards in the reward deck is 'It's a trap'. If this is revealed, this contact allerts the German authorities and a patrol is dispatched. The Patrol consists of a German Officer and four German Soldiers. They will enter up to 6" table on edge closest to the contact that alerted them at the end of the turn the trap was sprung. The player who did not attempt plot point that revealed the trap will place them. On turn they are deployed they can shoot at any character within 12" that has taken combat action that turn, shooting at closest. On subsequent turns, if there is a character within 12" that has taken a combat action they will move 6" towards them, otherwise they will move D8 in a random direction and shoot if there is a character within 12" that has taken a combat action.



I will be playing this scenario this afternoon with Mike Strong... his first go at Pulp Alley, so will update later in the week to let you know how Captain America and Red Skull fare in Saint-Marine!

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Update 6th June:

Last week Mike Strong and I got together to play through this scenario. We assigned the leagues randomly, Mike got Hydra and I got Captain America. The potential contacts were placed on the table, we each took turns to place them. The scenario objective, 'The Goldfinch' was not placed at this point, we needed to wait for a tip off from a contact to identify her wherabouts.


I split my league in two to double my chances of finding a lead, one group was lead by Agent Carter, the other by Captain America. The Captains group headed to talk to Madame Gagnon the post mistress, but Hydra were also on there way and 'Bucky' Barnes was caught in the crossfire and became the first casualty of the encounter.


In a dark alley way, the Hydra Team leader waylaid Jerome the Travelling Salesman, who was suspicious of the strange outfit and jet back and landed a quick blow before making a hasty escape from the encounter.


Dr Zola, Red Skulls sidekick led his troops towards the town center, avoiding the perils of the local Gendarme and stray dogs.


Captain America attempts to convince Madame Gagnon that he can be trusted, but struggles with the Brittany accent. Madame is suspicious and moves on.


Meanwhile, on the docks, Agent Carters code phrase is recognised by Claudette the Nun, who tells Carter how she will recognise the Goldfinch. The plot point is resolved, and we get to place 'The Goldfinch' on the table.


Red Skull crosses the square and heads towards Agent Carter and her troops with the intention of forcing Carter to reveal what she knows.


We placed 'The Goldfinch' in what we thought would be a safe location, and Carter hurried towards the rendeauvous.  We had underestimated the usefulness of Hydras Jet Packs, which they used to great effect for there Grenadier and Gunner to fly over the buildings to cover the approaches to 'The Goldfinchs' location.


In the firefight, Dum-Dum Duggan and the Hydra Gunner go down, and Agent Carter closes to make contact with the SOE agant.


The last thing she needs is Red Skull to contend with. Captain America tries to distract and the trip up Red Skull and 'Pinky' Pinkerton manages to catch him under the blast of his SMG.


However, the action in the back streets is hotting up, the Hydra Grenadier manages to get a grenade on target. Carter is wounded in the blast.


Meanwhile, Dr Zola manages to persuade Jerome that he can be trusted, and he to is given the location of the 'Goldfinch'. In this scenario, this information is crucial as only a character who has gained the information about 'The Goldfinch' can attempt to approach her to resolve the major plot point. At this point both Agent Carter and Dr Zola have this information.


... but unfortunately the allready wounded Agent Carter is taken down by a burst from the Hydra Gunner. This means that Captain Americas league no longer knows how to cantact the SOE agent.


Captain America had another attempt at making contact via The Postmistress, but time was against him. In the last two turns of the game, Americas early lead was reversed and the game ended with 'The Goldfinch' slipping into the Brittany night, with neither leage learning her secrets, (for now).

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