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Robin Hood - Scenario 1 - False Flag Operations

Robin Hood - Scenario 1 - False Flag Operations

Yesterday I played the first Robin Hood scenario for Feudal Patrol, written by Buck Surdu and published in Miniature Wargames with Mike Strong and his young son, John.

Robin Hood 28mm Skirmish

The evil Sheriff of Nottingham has arranged for a wagon load of food to be sent to a nearby, starving village, however it is not his intention to help the poor at all as he has also arranged for another group of his men to put green and brown robes on over there armour to make them look like Robin and his Merry Men. These Imposters are to attack the wagon and steal the food thus generating bad publicity for Robin and his men.

Robin Hood 28mm Skirmish

Here we see Sir Strong (a loyal deputy to the evil Sheriff) and some of his men crossing the river with the cart full of supplies. The horse and cart were deemed to move at 'heavily armoured rate' when pulled by a horse or at least two men. The Sheriff's men are regulars, with head, chest and abdomen protection. They are not as good at fighting and archery as the real outlaws.


Here we see Robin (left most miniature) and one of his groups or outlaws. These forces were commanded by Little John, Mikes young son. Robin is of course a crack shot with best accuracy possible and he has an endurance of 6 rather than the normal 3 to give him a bit of 'plot armour'.


Only the well-trained eye (or the mark on the base) can distinguish the Imposters from the real Merry Men. The Imposters were played by me.


Sir Strong attempts to get the wagon moving towards the board edge, but it is an immediate target for some reactive shooting from Robin and his men and the first casualty of the game falls to the ground.


Reacting to the threat to his rear, Sir Strong sends two groups of wagon guards to deal with the Imposters firing from the North East corner of the board.


A lucky shot from a bow armed member of Sir Strong's retinue fells an Imposter 'not so merry man' before his comrade's charge into hand to hand combat.


Meanwhile the supply wagon has rumbled forward, there has been another exchange of bow fire with the Imposter Outlaws before Sir Strong leads a charge in person.

Robin Hood 28mm Skirmish

While Sir Strong was engaging the Imposters, the real Robin Hood and his men have landed a couple of volleys of archery on the wagon and its guards. One arrow hits the horse in the chest, when the unit comes to test its morale, the horse has been spooked and in panic has turned and run back 10" towards the bridge. Robin did not have everything going his way, at this point he took a rather painful arrow to the groin, from an unnamed guard who had remarkably managed to pass a reaction test and land a successful shot on Robin before he got to complete his move! A number of Robins men also became casualties.

Robin Hood 28mm Skirmish

There is only one guard left with the wagon at this point, but he eventually manages to calm the animal and get it back facing in the right direction.

Robin Hood 28mm Skirmish

Unfortunately (for the poor horse), no sooner had he been brought back under control when another barrage of arrows landed, killing the horse and badly wounding Wulf the guard.

Robin Hood 28mm Skirmish

The victory conditions for the scenario are based on control of the wagon and the food supplies, Sir Strong had been in undisputed control until the start of turn seven, the last turn.

Robin Hood 28mm Skirmish

By a remarkable feat of luck on the last turn two Imposters and two real Merrymen had managed to sprint up to the wagon, so the game was declared a draw.

It was a very closely fought game, Mike & John had not played Combat Patrol before, but quickly got the hang of how it all worked.

Handy Links

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Robin Hood is from 'The Huntsmans Set' from Sally 4th The Villagers, his merry men are conversion from The Huntsmen and from Frostgrave Soldiers plastic box set. Click here for more details on converting Robin and his men.

The terrain is built on Sally 4th Terra-Former modular terrain boards.

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