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Sally 4th Siege Equipment spotted in Antwerp at Crisis 2017

Sally 4th Siege Equipment spotted in Antwerp at Crisis 2017

Fantasy Siege - Crisis Antwerp 2017

Sally 4th Siege Equipment

Last year, a good customer ordered a huge quantity of Sally 4th 28mm siege equipment including 12 of our siege towers and 6 of our hasty assault packs plus much more.

Sally 4th 28mm Siege Tower

Unfortunately, Ann and I could not make it to Crisis this year to view this amazing spectacle of all of our siege equipment on the table assaulting a huge fortified town.

Sally 4th 28mm Siege Tower

Luckily, another friend, Sander, was at the show and kindly took these photographs for us.

Sally 4th 28mm Siege Tower

The siege towers are three storys high and are designed to work with Sally 4th Castles, Games Workshop / Citadel Miniatures Mighty Fortress and Lord of the Rings Helms Deep and Minas Tirith.

Sally 4th 28mm Siege Tower

Hopefully over the next couple of weeks people will email some more photograps in and details about the game, so that I can update this page for you.

Sally 4th 28mm Siege Tower

It looks like a game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle being played. I think the troops in the photo above are Warhammer Chaos Knights!

Sally 4th 28mm Siege Tower

Truely a breathtaking spectacle!

The Sally 4th 28mm Siege Equipment range includes....

28mm Wheeled Siege Ladder

Wheeled Siege Ladder.

28mm Siege Mantlets

Siege Mantlets for Longbows and Crossbows

28mm Hasty Assault Pack

Hasty Assault Pack containing 5 x siege ladders and a battering ram.

28mm Siege Covered Way

Covered way (errected for siege engineers to safely approach tower corners for mining)

28mm Siege Tower

Wheeled Siege Tower

28mm siege penthouse with ram

Wheeled Siege Penthouse

28mm Castle

Castles. For the defender we have a castle range, second to none with castle walls in three heights (10' / 20' / 30'), Towers in three heights (2 / 3 / 4 story), crenalations in nine styles (Medieval / Italian / Arab-Moorish / Carthaginean / Roman / Assyrian / Indian / Lord of the Rings Gondor and Rohan). The range also includes a Keep, Great Hall and other outbuildings and stairways.

28mm castle hoardings

Hoardings. If you are really worried about attack, all our castle sections can be improved with hoardings which are available in four styles (longbow, early crossbow, late crossbow and musket)

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