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Stargrave Conversions - updated 4th May 2021

Update 4th May - Lapine Jedi

Update 25th May - Jedi Rabbits and Dwarven Forge Terrain

I'm very excited by the iminent release of Stargrave. I'm a big fan of Frostgrave, and this new game sounds like it will be just as good, but set in Space with a Captain, Lieutenant and crew scavenging for treasure across the universe.

Stargrave is shipping early May, but in the meantime I'm inspired by some of the photos that I have seen of Frostgrave plastic Gnolls, Cultists and Ghost Archipelago Crew being converted to space mercenaries. In the figures drawer of my painting desk I had some spare Frostgrave Gnolls and Barbarians, so this morning I have made a start at converting them using some spare Albedo Critter Conversion Kit heads and weapons.


The left hand two miniatures are based on Frostgrave Barbarian bodies, the right hand three are based on Frostgrave Gnoll bodies.

All of the metal parts are from Albedo ACP164 kits and include carbines, sniper rifle, grenade launcher and combat shotgun. I'm hoping that there will be similar weapons to these available in Stargrave!!

I'm planning to get these painted over the weekend, and then get started on some more, so will update this blog with my progress.


Here's my first efforts at Stargrave conversions painted and based and ready for action.  The heads that I have used for conversion are either the Sandperson / Desert Raider heads or the Helmet & Respirator conversion pack.

Stargrave Conversions

These four conversions have all used the Frostgrave Cultist body. The right hand figure is armed with a grenade launcher from the special weapons pack the other three with carbines from the carbines and rifles conversion pack.. The observant may note that it is a carbine with a folding stock and one figure has the same carbine but with stock folded back.


This morning I've assembled a Stargrave Crew based on Albedo Space Pirates.


The droid is from Star Saga. Everything else is onverted from Frostgrave bodies and Albedo Critter Conversion kits arms, weapons & heads.

The Captain is the rabbit with an eye patch, he is based on a Frostgrave plastic wizard body. The figures next to him are Mate armed with advanced combat shotgun and the hacker who is armed with a pistol and carrying a data pad. These and all the other bodies are from the Frostgrave Cultist box set.


Next up is a runner armed with pistol and a grenadier and sniper. The figures that count as having Heavy Armor are all wearing Combat Helmets and we assume Kevlar plates under there robes!


Finaly we have three Troopers armed with carbines and heavy armour.

Update 21st April


Last night I had a bit of a play about with some Frostgrave and Wargames Atlantic bodies plus Albedo Critter Conversion pack components. The figure back middle is a Frostgrave Wizard with a Albedo mouse head in cowled hood. She's holding a riot truncheon from our Police Weapons pack. My original idea was to paint fluorescent green as a light sabre, but someone suggested snipping off at handle and using 1.6mm light collecting rod, so have ordered some of that to try. The guy to the left is a Wargames Atlantic Einherjar body with Albedo carbine and head, while the figure to the right is an Einherjar body and a Wargames Atlantic lizardman in gas mask head.

As we have had so much interest in Albedo Critter Conversion Packs, we have but a bundled deal together where you can select a plastic sprue for bodies, a weapon sprue and a head sprue as a single product. Click here to take a look!


Update May 4th

Star Wars Jedi Bunnies

My May the 4th miniature - 2021

These two figures are made from Frostgrave Wizard bodies with Albedo Critter Conversion Kit heads and arms.

Star Wars Jedi Bunnies

The arms holding light sabres are from the Police Weapons packs. The arms holding riot battons, have the battons cut off above the hand grip and coloured 1.6mm acrylic rod superglued on to make the light beams.

Star Wars Jedi Bunnies

Here we see a stand off in the bar (Scottia Grendel Cyber Bar), "Benjamin, I am your Father..."

Update 25th May - Jedi Rabbits and Dwarven Forge Terrain

At the weekend I was playing around with some of the Sally 4th Terra-Former Modular Terrain Tiles, and the Bunker Tiles in particular.


The Bunker Tile is a standard 12" square, so it fits with all the other Terra-Former modules. It is 4" deep, and is designed for making underground bunkers, command centers, space-ship interiors etc. The Interior space is designed to hold either Terra-Block, 3D printed or commercial 2" square terrain pieces. I remembered that I had a few boxes of the old Dwarven Forge Sci-Fi terrain and set that out inside the tile. The Jedi rabbits were then just shouting out for a photo opportunity!


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