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Stargrave Crew - The Creationists

Having been a big fan of Frostgrave right from the beginning, and also a big fan of Albedo Anthropomorphics, when Stargrave was launched it made perfect sense to combine the two and put together some Stargrave crews from the Albedo universe. After talking to my great friend and Albedo author, Mike Wilson we identified five Albedo crew backgrounds that would be perfect for Stargrave. These were:

  • Space pirates
  • Merchant freighter crew
  • ILR Special Purpose Forces - Blue Wind team
  • EDF Anti-Piracy Patrol
  • Creationist Crew

I've decided to start with the Creationist Crew.  This crew is from Arras Chanka, maybe even the crew of UH4, the first jump enabled ship, the Captain is a mystic and her mission is to discover who has created them and why? If you're not familiar with the Albedo universe, I've added Mike's description of the awakening and the search for information on creation at the bottom of the article.


I made a start yesterday, putting the first four miniatures together using a mixture of pieces from the Stargrave Crew plastic box set and parts from the Albedo ACP164 miniatures range. The pieces are very compatible as the albedo miniatures have all been designed as bodies with separate heads and arms. The two miniatures in the centre will be the Captain and Executive Officer. I wanted these to both be female characters, and as there are not female Stargrave miniatures available yet I used an Albedo female officer and female civilian body with arms from the plastic Stargrave set. I also put together a Chiseler using a crew body, arms with spanner and an Albedo rabbit head and a trooper armed with a carbine using Stargrave parts with the addition of an Albedo Husky dog head and tail.

Update 21st May


Captain & Executive Officer


Husky Trooper and Rabbit Chiseler


In the hanger bay with an Aerodyne and some cargo!

Extract from Albedo Source Book by Mike Wilson.....

Once upon a time, on a planet that the natives called Arras Chanka, history began. The date of that event has since been set at Standard Date (SD) -54-2-8. Since Arras Chanka orbits its star in roughly the same position as the Earth orbits Sol, and has roughly the same size and mass, they also have 12 months of about 30 days each. Dates in Albedo are expressed as SD yyy-mm-dd.

Things had clearly been happening before that point, but it was the time when individual critters began to realise that nobody was really sure how their civilisation had come to be, where their technology came from or why they all looked so different from one another.

The realisation led to an intensive period of examination over a two year period which established that not only was there no historical or archaeological evidence of anything before ‘the awakening’, but there was no genetic evidence of any relationship between the 163 distinct species that inhabited the planet. Although they were all based on the same basic genetic ‘frame’ there was no blood or tissue compatibility, and no interbreeding was possible. By a process of elimination, the Arras Chankans concluded that they had all been created for an unknown reason, by an unknown agency at some point in the recent past – nobody has yet proved or disproved this theory.

Because there was no evidence of the creating agency on the planet, considerable effort was put in to adapting the existing technology to achieve interstellar space travel. Space probes were launched to explore their own system in SD-45, and the first critters left orbit in SD-39.

By SD-27, permanent space colonies had been established in the Arras Chanka system, on planetary bodies, asteroids and permanent space stations. Scientists were busily exploring further afield, using ships powered by a newly invented fusion drive. Improvements in this technology led to the discovery of a jump drive in SD-17, and a decade later, the first crewed jump-capable ship boosted from Arras Chanka to boldly go etc…

The launch of this ship - the UH4 - and the successful completion of its exploration mission was considered so significant that all future dates would be calculated from that point in time, known as SD0.

Update 15th June


I have just finished painting all 10 miniatures for my Stargrave Albedo Creationist Crew.

Apart from the Grenadier, whose body is based on long out of production Void plastic infantry, all of the rest of the crew are built using a mixture of  Stargrave Crew, Frostgrave Soldier II, and Albedo ACP164 Critter Conversion Kits parts. More details to follow, later in the week.



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