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The Neptune Protocol: Prologue

The Neptune Protocol: Prologue

The Neptune Protocol

Prologue: A sleepy port on the North African coast


The evil industrialist Max Crossley with a headful of ideas for a new world order sails into the dawn having secured the first part of his deliciously sinister plan. Hoping he has left Bond and Hinks behind too!


Special Agent Amanda Hinks and her British counterpart, Bond have been on the trail of Crossley for several weeks. So far, he has stayed a step ahead. If they can sabotage the speedboats in the Marina that are fast enough to give chase and get to the Lotus Submersible before Crossley’s ship is out of range they may still be in with a chance.


Hinks and Bond set off towards the Marina from the north east corner of town. We are playing out this action using 7TV. Hinks is cast as an Action Hero and Bond as a Flamboyant Agent.


Crossley has left behind a cast of minions and lackeys dressed in rather conspicuous bright yellow boiler suits and blue safety helmets to cover his retreat


Heading to protect the speedboats in the Marina we see Crossley's Faithful (but unnamed) Lackey and four minions. The speedboats that could give chase have been marked with 7TV plot point tokens.


At the far side of the jetty we see a Minion Commander some Minions and a Technician trying to get through the protection devices added by Q branch to the Lotus.


Hinks and Bond split up, Hinks heads straight for the first boat in the marina.


Bond causes some cinematic chaos as he rushes throught the crowded early morning market.


Before long Bond is placing a small but powerful timed charge on the engine compartment of the Sunseeker XS2000 under inaccurate but persistant fire from Crossleys minions.


Amanda Hinks places a charge on the Glastron under the eyes of the local constabulary


A minion attempts to interfere but is ruthlesley dispatched with one of Amanda's martial arts moves and the 'extras' on the keyside mysteriously become involved in a health and safety accident when a stunt goes horribly wrong and they all catch fire.


Meanwhile Bond is holding his own. The handy 'Capture Bubble' that Q gave him to try out, proved to be effective in the field, and a second minion is dispatched before he becomes embroiled in an ongoing fight with the Faithful Lackey, Bond does take a slug to the shoulder early in the scene.


The body count rises, faceless minions die dramatically, but Bond is delayed.


Hink's comes to the rescue. She takes a wound but dispatches the Lackey with a spinning kick and chop routine enabling Bond to sprint along the jetty, dropping a delayed charge on the Carlson on the way past.


Bond dramaticly leaps from the bow of the Carlson to the bow of the Vic 34, but almost loses his footing so can not move any further forward, and at that point the Director finds that she has 'Blown her Budget'! This means that the next three countdown cards get revealed and played, which does not really help us and denies us another action to make it to the Lotus and escape.

When the scene cuts, we find that Hinks and Bond have collected three plot points from sabotaging boats but Crossley's Minions are still in control of the Lotus plot point (and one plot point is uncontended) giving Hinks and Bond a marginal victory but denying them (due to budgetary constraints) the scene of the Lotus powering up the ramp and into the water before transforning into submarine mode.... that will just have to wait for another scene!


We then cut to the opening credits of 'The Neptune Protocol' and wait for next week’s when we shoot the first scene of the movie proper, which according to the script I've seen includes a high paced speed boat chase sequence.



Special Agent Amanda Hinks, RN Commander Bond, The Speedboats, Jetty & Pier Terrain are all from Sally 4th Rising Tides Kickstarter.

The scene was shot using 7TV and Crossley's Minions were supplied by the Crooked Dice Casting Agency

The Colonial Police are from Sally 4th's Classic Movie Miniatures Range and the Souk or Market Place props are from Sally 4th Exotic Locations.


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Comments: 1

Marcus Wheeler |
RE: The Neptune Protocol: Prologue
Great start. Looking forward to future installments. The Lotus looks particularly fine parked on the quay.
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