Wars of Ozz, First Solo Battle

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Wars of Ozz, First Solo Battle

Last weekend I started a first playtest game to try out the solo mechanisms built into Wars of Ozz. I've been painting up miniatures for Wars of Ozz for several weeks now so have enough painted to field a 25 point Brigade of Quadlings and Gilikins. 25 points is the standard size size for a player to command.

Wars of Ozz Solo Game

One of the things I really like about Wars of Ozz is the Regimental personalisation. At the start of the game you roll a D20 for each unit to determine it's personalisation, so you could have a number of units of basically the same troop type that behave slightly differently due to the character of their leader.

The Quadling Army was made up of:

Southern Infantry - 5 pts - Swift +2" to movement

Northern Infantry - 6pts - Indecisive -1" to even move rolls / +1" to odd move rolls

Tinmen - 6pts - Zealous - When fired upon will respond by charging enemy if within 10"

Medium Artillery Battery - 5pts - Impatient - Attacks 1st in melee

Lesser Pumpkin Heads - 3 pts - Lucky - reroll one combat dice

Led by the Red Witch who rolled up the Duelist skill.

Wars of Ozz Solo Wargame

The Gilikins fielded the following:

Gilikin Infantry - 5pts - Steadfast +1 to units resolve

Gilikin Cavalry on Giant Goats - 6pts - Beserkers + 1 to units melee ability

Giant Flying Apes - 8ppts - Hesitant -1 to units Elan

Light Artillery - 4pts- Beserkers + 1 to units melee ability

Talisman (magic item) - 2pts - +1 To marksmanship of Infantry

Led by Green Witch and her superior staff which extended her command radius to 18" rather than normal 12"

Turn 1

Wars of Ozz Solo Wargame

In this solo game, I played the Quadlings against system run Gilikins. I deployed the Quadlings on to the table and then rolled a D6 for start position of each Gilikin unit.

Unit activation uses the Double random allocation method. At the start of the game each brigade commander determines their dice pool. One dice for themselves, plus one dice for each unit within their command radius (which is normally 12"). Any unit outside their command radius has a D6 rolled for their activation number and placed by the unit, as they are to far away to be influenced by the brigade commander. The activation deck contains black 1-6 cards and red 1-6 cards plus two jokers. One side is red the other is black. In this game I decided Quadlings would be red as they carry red flags. A card is turned from activation deck, if the number corresponds to a dice in the brigade commanders dice tool, they can allocate it to a unit and that unit can then activate (move, fire or melee). If the dice has already been allocated to a unit, that unit activates at that point. Both sides potentially activate on the card, so units often activate twice in a turn. The color of the card determines who acts first (if important), so if it is a Red Four, the Quadlings would act first on it. Once both Jokers have been drawn the turn ends and the cards are reshuffled.

Wars of Ozz Solo Wargame

Turn one was all about manouvere and deployment. By the end of the turns the Quadlings had formed a credible battle line.

Wars of Ozz Solo Wargame

However their flanks are far from secure. The Gilikins Giant Flying Apes threaten their right flank and the Gilikin Cavalry their left flank. Although the cavalry are slowed by moving over rough grouns and having to cross a linear obstacle to move through the corn fields. The order of activation is going to be very important at the start of turn two to see if the Tinmen and Lesser Pumpkin Heads can get into a position to protect the Quadlings left flank.

To be continued...

Wars of Ozz is a fantasy mass battle table top game inspired by the world imagined and chronicled by Baum in the Oz books but further developed by Russ Dunway as a brand new and unique gaming world. Further details @


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