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Whiteout - Progress to date

Whiteout - Progress to date

Over the last couple of months Mark, Nik, Jon, Richard and myself have been busy putting the finishing touches on the miniatures, vehicles, buildings and rules for the Whiteout Arctic Kickstarter project.

This post will be updated over the coming weeks as we get all of the models cast and painted.

Update 21st November

Jon has just sent me photos of the last packs of new White Out, Classic Movie Miniatures this morning.

All figures sculpted by Mark Fuller and painted by Jon Atter.


USAF Arctic - Inspired by the 1950's version of 'The Thing'


US Marines Arctic Pack 2 - Inspired by Ice Station Zebra


Soviet Paras Arctic Pack 2 - Inspired by Ice Station Zebra

The other breaking news is that if you missed out on the Kickstarter, for this stuff you will get a second opportunity very soon.

We will be running a mini one week Kickstarter from 29th November, titled 'Thats Entertainment' This is based around a couple of packs of entertainers, one with a snowy and seasonal link.

We will also be making all the existing Classic Movie range, including 'White Out' available as part of the campaign for shipping in Febuary.

Update 18th November

Over the weekend I have been working on 8 additional terrain boards for upcoming photo shoot for the White Out rulebook, these have been four crevase boards, three plain boards and a mysterious hole in the snow board!

I've just put the snow texture on them and they are outside drying, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to take some snaps of the recently cast Arctic wildlife. Photos are taken on my phone, outside as I was trying to catch the feel of long arctic shadows.

The Wolves


A scientist taking meterological readings next to the mysterious hole in the ice is surprised by a pack of Arctic Wolves looking for scooby snacks.


Wolves take an interest in the campsite. I love the animation Mark has got in the wolf pack, especially the wolf that is landing on front legs and the other that is leaping off it's hind legs.

Polar Bear


Close encounters of the bear kind!


Scientist check out the crashed sattelite camera while keeping a wary eye on the wildlife... she looks friendly ehough!



Dont step back! Scientist, Walrus and Crevase.... what could go wrong!


I'd been amazed at the size of the sculpt, when I'd first seen it, however since discovered that an adult Walrus can grow up to 12' and weigh 2,000 Kg!


Update 1st November

Ice Station Zebra

Snow Patrol, Ice Station Characters, Soviet Paras - Sculpted by Mark Fuller, Painted by Jon Atter in front of Conning Tower designed by Sally 4th with accesories from Nik at N-FX

Arctic Camp

The Scientists and Explorers hauling sledges - sculpted by Mark Fuller, painted by Jon Atter in front of Expedition dome tent and crashed spy camera sculpted by Nik @ N-FX

The Thing 1950 & 1980 version

1950's and 1980's scary 'Things' sculpted by Mark Fuller, painted by Jon Atter in front of alien spaceship fin sculpted by Nik @ N-FX

Soviet Paras Pack 1 - sculpted by Mark Fuller and painted by Jon Atter

Sally 4th Soviet Paras in Arctic Kit

Soviet Paras Pack 2 - sculpted by Mark Fuller not yet painted (or cast)

Sally 4th Soviet Paras in Arctic Kit

The Thing from the 1950's - Sculpted by Mark Fuller - painted (quickly) by me

The Thing from the 1950s

This is for a size comparison. The Thing is a towering brute holding his last meal (husky dog) in one hand and a length of 2"x4" in the other. He is standing next to a 28mm figure for comparison. As the original film is black and white, I was not sure how to paint him so I went for green skin as he is of vegetable extraction!


Plot Point Pack based on The Thing (1950's) - Sculpted by Nik Hull from N-Fx and painted by me

Five Plot Points based on The Thing

These five items have been designed for use with Pulp Alley or similar plot driven miniatures games. They represent the pivotal moments or clues in the storyline of 'The Thing'

The plot points are The fin of the crashed alien ship. Reporters camera on oil drum, alien plants being fed with blood plasma, radio desk, and block of ice (containing The Thing) on a sledge.

Five Plot Points based on The Thing

Here we see the 'inside' plot points in a building together with the model of 'The Thing' and a standard size 28mm miniature for comparison.




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