Rebasing for Blucher

Rebasing for Blucher

Rebasing for Blucher

Here at Sally 4th we have just started playing Blucher, The Grand Tactical Napoleonic Wargames from Sam Mustafa as part of his Honor series.

We had played Corp level Napoleonics before using Grand Piquet. Our Napoleonic figures are 6mm from Baccus and Adler and are mounted on 60mm x 30mm bases.


In Blucher, Sam has made it very clear that you do not have to rebase your figures to play the game.

But I really liked the images in the rules of Brigade bases with 4 or so units to a base in double line.


First army to be rebased are my 1805 Austrians, here's half the army in the top half of it's storage drawer.


This is how we started out, 1805 French on their original 30mm x 60mm bases.


Click here for more information on Blucher Wargames Rules

Click here to for further details of Blucher bases used in photographs above.

11th March 2015

Finished my first two test bases for early war French & Austrians.


I'm very pleased with the results, so will continue and base up all of the stands needed for the 'Across the Dabube' introductory Blucher scenario, play the scenario at the weekend and see how it all works.


I've used Sally 4th Blucher style wargames bases, and have mounted a magnetic strip at the back.

The unit labels have been laminated and then stuck on to our steel vinyl basing material.


Here's a front and rear view of a unit of French Cuirassiers based up for Blucher.


I have made unit labels for the complete set of units for the Across the Danube scenario, if any one is interested let me know and I'll make them available as a free download.