A first look at Team Alpha

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A first look at Team Alpha


The Alpha Squad Starter Box contains:

  • 6 metal Alpha Squad miniatures
  • 6 metal zombie versions of the Alpha Squad miniatures
  • 28 plastic multipart zombie miniatures
  • Quick play rules
  • Alpha Squad rule sheet
  • Zombie rule sheet
  • 2 Alpha squad game scenarios
  • 2 token sheets
  • 4 six sided dice
  • 1 ten sided dice

I'm going to start of by taking a closer look at the 6 metal alpha squad miniatures. I will be covering painting them in my next blog entry.

I have chosen to show these rag-tag remnants of a US Army platoon in Chocolate Chip Camo. It is not 'to scale' but I think it conveys the feel of contemporary US uniform.


Captain Evan Finn is the squad leader. He has the officer trait and is equipped with a rifle, entrenching tool and grenades.

Sgt Emmanuel Morales is equipped with a rifle and entrenching tool.


Sgt Laura Carver MD is the team medic, so she has the medic trait and is equipped with a medpack together with an automatic pistol and an entrenching tool.


Cpl Pamela Wilkinson is equipped with a Squad Automatic Weapon and an entrenching tool


Pte Brett Johnson is equipped with a rifle and entrenching tool. He is shown demonstrating the zombie's don't like it up 'em stance with the standard issue entrenching tool.


Pte Nathan Williams armed with an entrenching tool and rifle is shown at the kneeling alert position, ready to 'brass up' any zeds that come in range.

Bullets and Brains is a 28mm zombie skirmish game and is designed to be played on a 4' square playing area. The starter sets also contain zombie figures for all of the characters, just in case they do not make it to the end of the campaign!

Their are also 28 plastic zombies that are made by studio miniatures. I have not had time to paint any of the zombie miniatures from the set yet, so I have taken a couple of shots with zombies from my existing collection (Wargames Factory / Hasselfree / West Wind).


I hope this gives you an idea of what the miniatures will look like on the table.


Finally we have a scale comparison shot.


Left to right we have miniatures from West Wind, Pulp Figures, Bullets and Brains, Crooked Dice, Killer B and Hasselfree Miniatures.

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