Painting Team Alpha (Chocolate Chip Camo)

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Painting Team Alpha (Chocolate Chip Camo)


Painting Squad Alpha


I like to mount my figures on clear bases, so before starting I have clipped basing tag off and have filed bottom of feet square. Figures have been spray undercoated white and have then been given an all over wash with slightly watered down Wargames Foundry Base Sand (Shade)


Next stage is to paint all of the hands and faces, which I have done using Vallejo Flat Flesh 018


By this time the uniforms are good and dry, so they can be given a heavy dry-brush all over with Wargames Foundry Base Sand (Light)


Any items of webbing is picked out with Foundry Storm Green.


Now we can get started on the camoflage. Using an old brush that no longer came to a point, I applied large brown splodges using Foundry Chestnut (Shade)


The next thing to do is to use a fine detail brush to carefully apply groups of three black spots so that they are mainly on the brown splodges.


White spots are then painted so that they half overlap the black spots.


Weapon systems have been painted Vallejo Grey Black with a very light gun metal drybrush, boots are painted Vallejo Brown Leather and hair is painted in various shades of black and brown.


Once the paint is dryied, the miniatures were dipped into Army Painter Quick Tone. This realy protects the miniatures and gives a very effective tone and shadow effect.


Miniatures dipped in Quick tone need to be left to dry for 24 hours before spraying with Army Painter Anti-Shine Varnish to remove the shine. The figures have then been mounted on some Sally 4th clear bases.

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