Painting Guide - Sir William Marshall

Step by step painting guide for Crossed Lances SIr William Marshall Miniature.

This series of painting articles is intended to show techniques to get a good looking miniature on to the gaming table in the minimum amount of time.

The miniatures being used are the Crossed Lances Sir William Marshall Mounted with Lance, Sir William Marshall Mounted with Melee Weapon, a Knight, Unhorsed Lying on Ground and a foot knight with hand weapon and shield.

Start off my cleaning up any flash or mould lines with a small file, glue the heads on to the miniatures, and the miniatures onto their bases. I use 5 minute epoxy glue for this.

Spray undercoat the miniatures white (I used Army Painter white primer)

The transfers need to be applied on top of the white primer, before you start painting. Cut around them carefully with a pair of scissors. The transfer goes on the front and back of the mounted miniature needs to be cut in half at 45 degrees and a couple of millimetres removed to take account of the cross belt modelled to support the shield. This is a bit fiddly, but definitely worth doing. It is important to get a really good adhesion with transfers. I use Microscale, Micro Set to soften the transfers and aid adhesion. This is brushed on the miniature before applying transfer, and then a short haired dry-brushing brush is used to apply some over the top and really push the transfer into the folds of the miniature.

Sir William Marshalls livery is two coloured, yellow and green. This is not much harder to paint than a single colour livery as the Battleflag transfers give you a nice straight dividing line between the two colours that can be continued across the barding and the tabard.

Start by painting the lighter colour, in this case yellow on to the barding, tabard, shield and lance. I choose Vallejo Deep Yellow (014) to be a good match to the colour of the Battleflag transfer and a nice intense shade. Once the yellow base coat had completely dried, I applied a thin strip cut from normal household masking tape with a steel ruler and scalpel in a spiral around the lance to form a mask.

Next paint the green half of the livery, this time I used a Citadel Colour from Games Workshop, 'Snot Green', you've just got to love their mature naming conventions! This is applied to the tabard, barding, shield and to the gap between the mask on the lance to form a nice two colour spiral.

Once this has dried the mask can be removed from the lance and the metal areas can be painted using Army Painter Warpaint 'Gun Metal', this included the armour, tip of the lance and the horses bit.

Next to be painted is the leather and wood area including the back of the shield, belts, saddle and stirrups. For this I used Army Painter Warpaint 'Leather Brown'.

This just leaves the horse to be painted, not a big job as so much of it is covered by the barding. I decided on a nice Chestnut colour this time and used Citadel Colour 'Vermin Brown' for one of the mounts and Army Painter 'Ash Grey' for the other. The hooves were painted black and some white socks were drybrushed onto the legs.

To add shading and protect the miniatures a liberal coating of Army Painter Quicktone - Dark Tone was applied all over. This realy is a magic product if you want good looking miniatures, but lead a busy life.

Quicktone needs to left to dry for 24 hours, and can then be sprayed to remove the high gloss finish using Army Painter Anti-Shine Matt Varnish.

This technique is never going to win any painting competitions, but it does enable a handfull of figures to be painted to a good gaming standard in a couple of lunchtimes, which with a busy life is a key benefit.

I will be covering figure basing in a separate article.


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William Marshall - Knight set containing mounted knight with lance, mounted knight with melee weapon, foot knight base & transfers.


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Knight unhorsed lying on ground


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