Pulp Alley AAR: Hot Fuzz

Pulp Alley AAR: Hot Fuzz

Hott Fuzz in the Netty

A Pulp Alley After Action Report of an encounter in the quiet village of Sandford between the forces of Law and Order headed up by Sgt Nick Angel and PC Danny, the Neighbourhood Watch Committee and a group of motorcyclist from the next village. These events were played out by Doug, Craig & Nathan at the Ripon Wargames Club.


The scenario was based on the 'Manhunt' from Perilous Island. One of the local girls had been spotted by the Neighbourhood Watch Committee’s (NWC) CCTV, returning from a date on the back of a Harley. If Sandford is going to win the best village competition we cant be encouraging motorcyclists into the village. The head of the NWC resolves to kidnap the young lady and dispose of her when he can, 'for the greater good'. Sgt Angel is on to this like a shot and has have banged to rights, however during the PACE compliant interview the suspect will say nothing before his brief arrives. Sgt Angel & Danny know they are up against the clock to find her before the NWC do. The motorcycle gang have also heard what has happened and take the law into their own hands.

Their are 5 buildings in the village which act as minor plot points which can be resolved at any of the doorways. The reward card representing the hostage is removed from the reward deck until a league has resolved a minor plot point to get a strong lead. Their is a blank card in the reward deck this represents a bad lead. If this is drawn the plot point is repositioned (using a civilian model) 6" away.


The forces of Law and Order headed up by Sgt Angel and his sidekick Danny.


Rupert, the head of the NWC.


Dave 'Southern (counties) by the Grace of God', leader of the Motorcycle Gang.


The leagues deploy around the village and back streets of Sandford.

Model geese and dogs are used to mark perilous areas, which prove to be as deadly as combat, especially to the NWC who went for quantity rather than quality and field a huge number of followers.

Pulp Alley 28mm Police Game

Danny struggles to get a shot off while a friendly Afghan hangs from his trouser leg.

Pulp Alley 28mm Police Wargame

Sgt Andy and Sgy Angel make house to house enquiries.

Pulp Alley 28mm Police Wargame

The Motorcycle Gang get an early break and resolve a plot point.

Pulp Alley 28mm Police Wargame

Sgt Angel has the most appalling luck, twice after just managing to overcome perils and then resolve a plot point he discovers that they are poor leads and has to reposition the plot points.

Both of these plot points get repositioned to one of the 'Nettys' (outside WCs) at the bottom of the Yard.

Rupert the leader of the NWC beats Angel their and gets to resolve the major plot point, i.e. find the hostage. Fortunately, because all of his followers are down and out, and he is suffering two wounds he does not keep control of her for long.

Pulp Alley 28mm Police Wargame

This is the final scene of devastation around the Netty, Danny is down and out, as is Rupert the NWC leader and Angel has rescued the girl.

Pulp Alley 28mm Police Wargame

The result was three minor plot points for the Motorcycle Gang, one for the NWC and the Police get the Major Plot Point,

As Angel got the girl, we rewarded them with a winning draw.

It was another great game of Pulp Alley, Doug, Craig and Nathan are keen to get their own leagues and start a campaign.

The terrain used is the new Sally 4th photo-realistic terrain, click here for more details.

The game was played using Pulp Alley, click here for more details.