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Hastings CID - Foyles War Pulp Alley League

Hastings CID - Foyles War Pulp Alley League

I've just finished painting and basing Artizan Miniatures Pack PLP589

28mm Foyles War

Although these miniatures are labelled 'Scotland Yard Detectives' you'd have to be blind not to see that they serve the good people of Hastings.

DCS Christopher Foyle (in 28mm)

I'm planning to put together a Pulp Alley league based around these, as Foyles War is one of my favourite TV shows. I just love the moral clarity of the DCS Foyle character. He often does not have a lot to say, but what when he speaks it is insightful, pithy and 'the right thing to say'

DS Paul Milner in 28mm

His trusty sidekick DS Paul Milner, left the force at the outbreak of hostilities to serve the colours. Invalided out after the Norway campaign after losing a leg. Foyle persuades him to rejoin the Force and we soon find that Foyles confidence was not misplaced.

Sam Stewart in 28mm

Sam Stewart from The MTC. What can we say about her? A plucky and resourceful gal if ever their was one.

Click here for more photos of the pack

Click here for details of Sally 4th Crystal Clear Bases

Click here for details of Sally 4th photo-realistic buildings

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