Ape World

Ape World Image Gallery

Ape World Image Gallery

Click here to take a look at the work in progress images of Ape World miniatures and conversions using Ape World parts

Ape World is a project to develop a range of 28mm miniatures for gaming a wide range of intelligent ape genres. This range is going to be far more than just apes with guns (although we will of course have apes with guns!). We are currently working on male and female apes, civilians and soldiers, Gorillas, Chimps & Orangutans.


Models will be available equipped with crossbows, halberds, rifles, sci-fi weapons, swords, cosh, nets and much more.

As part of the project we will be developing character / unit cards to use Ape World intelligent apes in 7TV, Thud & Blunder, Pulp Alley & Feudal Patrol, possibly more depending on backers’ interests.

Models are traditionally cast in metal, and have been designed with separate heads and arms for maximum variety and easy assembly. As well as supplying complete miniatures we will also supply 'Critter Conversion Kits' of heads and arms to allow you to convert unique miniatures using parts from other ranges. Ape World miniatures are sculpted by the very talented Jaycee Fairclough who runs the Red Nebula Patreon.


These conversions have used parts from Frostgrave, Stargrave and Oathmark kits.


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If you would like the products we are developing for it, register your support. When we have 100 supporters we will launch the project.

We have a newsletter for gamers, who are interested in backing the project to sign up to. Subscribers will benefit from news about developments and will be the first to be alerted to the project going live. We will use the number of subscribers as an indication of amount of interest for a project and will prioritise the projects that have the most support. Once we have at least a hundred subscribers to the newsletter we will know it is time to launch the project either via Kickstarter or by our own 'Quickstarter' (a pre-ordering system offering same offers, benefits and stretch goals that we would offer on Kickstarter for projects that are ready to go and we can turn around in 4-6 weeks.