Goblin Civil War


The Goblin Civil War is a set of miniatures rules and a range of figures for fighting

The Goblin Civil War,a fantasy campaign inspired by the historical events of

The Spanish Civil War.

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The Miniatures are:

  • Traditionally hand sculpted

  • Cast by hand in traditional metal

  • Sculpted with simple levels of detail for ease of painting, but with bags of character


The Rules are:

  • Designed for Platoon level engagements
  • Easy to learn but with subtle nuiances and trade offs
  • Cover a wide range of army / unit types


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The Goblin Civil War project is a collaboration between:


Goblins of the World (Sculpting & Rules Development)


Scotia Grendel (Mould Making & Casting)


Aaron Howdle (Illustrations & Dog Sculpting)


Sally 4th (Publishing, Painting & Campaign Management)



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Goblin Civil War Game Overview

Goblin Civil War Game Overview

A set of videos by games designer, Elton Waters describing the key mechanics of Goblin Civil War

Goblin Civil War Image Gallery

Goblin Civil War Image Gallery

Image gallery featuring models from the Goblin Civil War range in use.