Ghost is a new product line of plastic miniatures produced by Lucid Eye Publications. This material has been specially sourced so that it is both durable and adaptable for every modelling requirement. It holds detail, readily accepts paint, superglue, and Primer is not necessary, making it ideal for collectors, gamers, hobbyists and dedicated converters! ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUES.

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Dungeon Hireling 2

Product no.: G-DUNGEONEER2

Dungeon Hireling 2

£3.25 *
Stock level: 1 In stock
Delivery weight: 225 g

Gaze Monster

Product no.: G-GAZE

When looking into the Abyss, the Abyss stares back at you!

£3.70 *
Stock level: 2 In stock
Delivery weight: 225 g

Dungeon Adventurer Elf

Product no.: G-Elf

Dungeon Adventurer Elf

£3.50 *
Stock level: 3 In stock
Delivery weight: 50 g

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