Movement Trays

Movement Trays

Movement Trays

Movement Trays


The Problem


One of the most time consuming aspects of a game of Warhammer fantasy battle or any other game that uses individually based figures can be the movement phase. For example in a typical army you may have over 150 models, moving individual models can take an age.


The solution


A range of movement trays, developed and play tested, can save you time and keep your units looking tidy. Made of robust and light MDF , our movement trays are available in a range of shapes and sizes.


Movement Trays are a great way of organising and easily moving units of individual figures on the wargames battlefield.


Why Precision Laser Cut MDF  Movement Trays?


We think that MDF trays are superior to plastic or resin trays because:

  • They do not 'flex' as plastic trays do, which can lead to paint chipping or flicking off
  • They do not break, crack or chip like resin trays can when they are dropped on the floor.
  • Laser Cut MDF is 100% flat and 100% accurate, every time to a tolerance of 0.001 mm and are available with magnetic and steel options for total flexability and security

Movement Trays are available with

  • 2mm or 3mm depth of slots.
  • Regular or Irregular shape
  • Slot sizes from 15mm - 30mm
  • Slot sizes to match 1p and 2p coins and Games Workshop style bases
  • Any number of ranks and files
If we have not got the movement tray you are looking for listed yet, please contact us and we will gladly quote a price for it.


Irregular Movement Trays

Irregular shaped movement trays are a great way to organise units which form warbands, mobs, hordes or simply do not line up in ranks and files.

I use these trays to organise my:

  • Saxons and Brits for Dux Brittaniarum
  • 15mm and 28mm Zombies for All Things Zombie
  • World War Two Infantry for Bolt Action


Rectangular Movement Trays

Rectangular Movement Trays

Rectangular Movement Trays are a great way of organising your figure collection and speeds up moving figures on the wargames table.

Movement Trays have a 3mm lip around the outside edge and 2mm between slots.

Sally 4th Movement Trays are available with selectable size, depth and shape of slot, including favourites such as 20mm square, 25mm square, penny bases, GW style bases etc.


Movement Trays for Multi-figure Bases

These movement trays are designed for units where multiple figures are mounted on a common base.


Sword & Spear Movement Trays

Sword & Spear Movement Trays

Sword and SpearSword and Spear is a great set of wargames rules that can be used for ancient, medieval and fantasy gaming.

Figures are based on a single unit base, so we have designed movement trays / bases to enable you to use miniatures with existing basing.

Bases catered for include: 20mm square, 25mm square, 25mm x 50mm, 20mm round, 25mm round and 40mm round.