The Villagers

Realistic, believable and well proportioned village and town folk, depicted going about there every day business designed to suit a wide range of historical periods and fantasy genres.


I have been playing miniatures and role playing games for over 40 years now. I love to immerse myself in the detail of the worlds that are created on the tabletop. The detail is important, to make the world real to provide a backdrop to your armies sweeping conquest or to populate the taverns and townscapes your heroes adventure in.


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The Wedding
Individual price £24.00
£20.00 *
Sir Knight Set
£7.50 *
The Exorcism Set
£16.00 *
Tavern Brawl Set
£12.00 *
Gone Fishing Set
£9.00 *
The hunters Set
£10.00 *
The Shepherds Set
£13.00 *
Wash Day Set
£16.00 *
Sheep Set
£12.00 *
Cows Set
£10.00 *
The Celebration
£16.00 *

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