Swashbuckling Adventure

Fantastically detailed and animated sculpts by Iain Lovecraft for gaming and collecting available now in finely cast metal.

The Swashbuckling Adventure range captures the spirit of seventeenth to eighteenth century buccaneering action on the high seas.

Whether the miniature is based on a authentic wood cut of a historical character or imagination and conjecture Iain has captured the taste of the salt spray and the feel of the wind on your face with every miniature masterpiece.


Miniatures above painted by Jon Atter

Iain Lovecrafts figures are brought to you, finely cast in metal, under licence by Sally 4th.

Over the coming weeks and months we have many more Lovecraft miniatures in the pipeline including lots more pirates, Romans, Conquistidores, Mayan, Fantasy and much much more.


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Anne Bonny
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Rachel Wall
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Mary Read
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Calico Jack
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Swivel Gun x 6
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