Medieval Rules

Medieval Rules

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Lords & Servants

Product no.: BP1611

Lords & Servants is a set of rules for miniatures that allows you to play small skirmish games set in the medieval age.

£28.80 *
Delivery weight: 400 g

Deus Vult Rulebook

Product no.: BP1368

Deus Vult core rule book for miniature wargames in the Holy Land
Delivery weight: 1,000 g

Soldiers of God

Product no.: BP1482

Soldiers of God miniature wargames rules and card deck for gaming the Crusades.

£25.00 / unit(s) *
Delivery weight: 370 g

The Crescent & The Cross

Product no.: BP1439

Full colour hardback book, 120 pages. Comes with 6 cards stock Battle Boards and a Quick Reference Sheet.
Contains full SAGA rules, details and rules for six new factions from the Age of The Crusades, new rules for Dogs of War units & Priests plus new scenarios.

£18.00 *
Delivery weight: 500 g

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Rules for wargaming the medieval period