Bolt Action - Hungary

Bolt Action - Hungary

Bolt Action Hungarian Infantry, Vehicles & Weapon Systems. Models to represent these Axis partners.  

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Hungarian Army Honved Division section

Product no.: 402217401

A Hungarian rifle platoon was not as well trained in infantry tactics as their German comrades, nor did it possess their firepower. Although, with 3 sections of 13 men the Magyars did have an advantage in manpower, and the issuing of modern panzerfausts gave them a chance against Soviet tanks that their countrymen on the Don River in 1942 did not.

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Hungarian Parachute Assault section

Product no.: 402217406

The 1st Hungarian Parachute Battalion was formed in 1940 with transportation provided by the national airline Mágyar Légiforgalmi R.t. They saw their first combat experience against Yugoslavia in 1941 where they captured the Franz Josef Canal after some initial mishaps.

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Hungarian Army support group

Product no.: 402217407

Available in this neat box set, the Hungarian Army Support Group - grab yourself the new Hungarian HQ, Medium Machine Gun and Medium Mortar!

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39M Csaba armoured car

Product no.: 402417401

Named after a famous son of Attila, king of the Huns, the Csaba 39M was produced in Hungary based on designs by Nicholas Straussler, a Hungarian designer living and working in Great Britain between the wars.

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Hungarian Army Honved Division Section (Winter)

Product no.: 402217402

Although the majority of infantry forces fielded by the Royal Hungarian Army in 1944–45 were not combat hardened, there were some experienced units after 3 years of fighting on the Eastern Front.

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