Winkie Miniatures

Winkie Miniatures

At the eastern reaches of Ozz is the land of the Winkies. Ruled by the Empress Evora the Yellow Witch, the Winkies are sworn foes of the Great Alliance of the West, the Wizard, and the Munchkins in particular. The armies of the Winkies often fight shoulder-to-shoulder with those of the Gillikins as part of the Witches’ Alliance.
The Winkies, being a brutish and simple people, favor the power of bloody melee over the more complicated maneuvers of musketry. Their soldiers are strong and numerous but not overly clever. They have artillery and sharpshooters, but it is the massed charge of spear-wielding Winkies that wins the day.

The Winkies are a warlike and rugged people who originated from the Cold Barren Mountains and the great Black Forest to eventually settle in the plains just South of these regions. They are fiercely loyal to the sorceress Evanora who, along with her sister Elepheba, controls these regions.

The Winkies and the Gillkins are not the best of friends and have on many occasions engaged in armed conflict. Only the shaky alliance between the sisters Evanora and Elepheba keep the alliance together. They march into battle with spears only except for a few expert marksmen. These marksmen who have spent their lives hunting deep in the depths of the Black Forest are armed with crude fire arms and are few in number. Often times these marksmen can be seen emerging from the Black Forest with the pelts of the DireWolves, the Dire Lions, and even occasionally the pelt of the giant Dire Bear!

The Mounted Winkies ride the great Zilk (Killer Birds) and giant boars. The Winkie armies are led into battle by three great Winkie Warlords, Zephaph the Skull Crusher, riding his great boar and carrying his oversized war club., Zerde the Slasher with a sword in each hand. and Frotham the Terrible, with a great axe.