Product no.: BP1592 - Rommel
£32.00 / unit(s)

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Rommel can be played with miniature figures and terrain -OR- with “unit cards” on any flat surface. You may in fact use both in the same game, since the cards can act as labels and play-aids for your bases of miniatures.

The basic game introduces players to the operational decisions of a second world war general. Two players can complete a game in 2-3 hours. The full advanced game features:

  • Large battles and multi-player games.
  • A complete army and battlefield creation system for fictional scenarios, including thirteen army lists for six major powers.
  • Guidelines for players who want to create their own historical scenarios from famous battles.
  • Detailed rules for things like amphibious and airborne operations, cavalry, minefields, pioneer and special assault units, and much more.


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