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Full colour, poker size card decks (Activation Deck, EDF 'A', ILR 'A')


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Product no.: ACPB16

This is a  poker-size card which shows the effect of non-penetrating vehicle hits.

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Product no.: ACPD8

Free download of ACP 164 Intro rules and scenarios.

This gives you all the rules to enable you to play an infantry only game to try out the rule set.

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Product no.: ACPB02D

PDF Download of full colour, 64 page A4 system agnostic sourcebook containing the background material for gaming in the Albedo Universe.

The source book can be used with the ACP164 Miniatures game, the Albedo RPGs or any other Sci-Fi RPG such as Traveller, Gamma World, Space Opera etc.

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