Almata Campaign Forces Arcs One and Two

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Free download of Organisation Charts and Unit Reference sheets for Almata Campaign Arc's One and Two

The first Arcs of the campaign cover low level clandestine operations by armed civilians, insurgents and other agents and the authorities attempts to thwart them.

Arc 1 – “Hearts and Minds”

The history of the Almata campaign is an unusual one. For a start, the ILR decided to attempt a stealthy takeover, as opposed to their usual brute force tactics. A faction within the ILR high command had decided that it was likely to be cheaper to convince systems to join the republic than it would be to attack first and convince the survivors. To this end, they set up a diplomatic presence, and established a network of agents and sympathisers, both in the local lepine population and in the ILR refugee community.

The ConFed likewise had identified the importance of the Almata System in terms of the high technology level and strategic proximity to ILR space. Accordingly, they bolstered their existing diplomatic presence and recruited their own network of agents, mainly from within government agencies and the HomeGuard.

Using the Embassy compounds as secure bases, both factions used espionage to try and steal secrets, employed rabble rousers to try and persuade critters to their side and generally tried to stir up trouble. The AHG had their work cut out trying to stop them.

Neither of the main factions have large numbers of troops on the ground, so in these scenarios, each figure counts as a discrete unit for activation and morale purposes unless indicated otherwise.

In the scenarios below, there are three sides:

  • The Attacker – the faction with the lowest points score
  • The Defender – the faction with the higher points score, and
  • The HomeGuard – regardless of how many points the AHG player has, their role is to keep the peace and discover what the heck is going on.


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