Combat Patrol Rules Combo

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Softback rulebook: A4 Format, full color, premium quality 44 page rulebook. plus 24 card activation deck and two 50 card action decks.

Everything that you need for two players to play Combat Patrol.

Combat PatrolTM is an exciting set of skirmish rules that allows players to focus on the game instead of the rules.

Combat PatrolTM  is a unique card-based minatures game.  The unique Double Random ActivationTM mechanism provides a leap-ahead method for activating units that provides the friction and drama of card-based systems with none of the drawbacks.  

More importantly, Combat PatrolTM uses a card-based combat resolution mechanism that is exciting and simple while eliminating unsightly chart cards cluttering your beautiful gaming table.s.

Full stats for Germans, Americans, British & Commonwealth, Russians, Polish, French, Italians and Japanese.

The cards included in this package have different backs to those in 'Set A' or 'Set B' so either of these can be used when you want to expand to multi-player gaming.

Combat Patrol TM is Published in the UK under licence by Sally 4th.


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Combat Patrol Set A Combat Patrol Set A
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Combat Patrol Set B Combat Patrol Set B
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Deck Protector Sleeves - Clear Deck Protector Sleeves - Clear
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Going Solo - Free Solo Rules Going Solo - Free Solo Rules
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