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Free download of Combat Patrol TM supplement for the Falklands War 1982

Written by Greg Priebe for Buck Surdu's Combat Patrol WW2 Skirmish Rules

On   April   2,   1982   Argentina   invaded the Falklands also known as the Malvinas a group of barren,  wind swept  islands  in  the  south  Atlantic  on the  edge  of  Antarctica.  Even  though  the  remote British territory was home to less than 2500 people, the   invasion   sparked   one   of   the   most   ambitious military  undertakings  in  the  history  of  the  United Kingdom.   The   end   result   of   a   two centuries long dispute   between   the   two   nations   erupted into   a major  international  crisis. Britain  responded  with 15,000   men   embarking   from   a hastily   prepared naval  task  force  of ninety three  vessels,  waging  a war   8000   miles   from   their   home   shores.   The Argentines would be fighting on their own doorstep.

Supplement contains period specefic rules together with detailed platoon level organisation charts for British and Argentinian Forces.

Combat Patrol Core rules, Action Decks and Activation Deck are also required to play Combat Patrol Falklands games.

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