Combat Patrol Get Started

Combat Patrol Get Started

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Combat Patrol - Get Started Set

Contains 1 x Action Deck, 12 page A5 Printed Introductory Rule booklet, PDF download introductory rule booklet.

The aim of this package is to offer an inexpensive way to try out the Combat Patrol rules system with a single deck of cards and the introductory rules.

To play Combat Patrol with this rules package you will also need a deck of standard playing cards to provide the numbered 1-6 Black, 1-6 Red and picture card to use to indicate re-roll & reshuffle, together with a few dice, tape-measures, miniatures, terrain and someone to play against.

There are a host of additional free period specific rules supplements for Combat Patrol that you can also try out with this package, including:

  • Horse & Musket - Napoleonic’s
  • Old West
  • 1970's/1980's - Winter of '79
  • WW2 Pacific
  • Winter War - 1939 Russo-Finnish Winter War

Combat Patrol is normally played with a custom activation deck and one action deck per player, so if you enjoy playing Combat Patrol you will probably want to purchase additional card decks and possibly a full A4 rulebook, however this is a good way to give the rules a try at minimum cost.

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Combat Patrol Introductory Rules
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