Combat Patrol Unit Record Cards US Armoured Infantry Platoon

Combat Patrol Unit Record Cards US Armoured Infantry Platoon

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Pack of 15 Unit Reference Cards printed on 70mm x 120mm matt card for US Armoured Infantry Platoon.
Set contains
  • Platoon Orbat
  • 7 x Pre-filled cards (Platoon HQ, No1 Rifle Squad, No2 Rifle Squad, MMG Squad, Mortar Squad, M3 Halftrack, M3A1 Halftrack)
  • 7 x Blank cards ( 5 x Infantry Squad, 2 x Vehicle)

Cards designed to fit inside Ultra-Pro 'Tarot' sized deck protector sleeves so that unit & leader names can be written on and wiped off.

Rerverse of infantry squad cards contains movement and hand to hand combat summary, reverse of vehicle cards contains vehicle hit resoloution procedure.

Combat Patrol TM is Published in the UK under licence by Sally 4th.


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