17th Century America Feudal Patrol Supplement

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This Feudal Patrol™ supplement deals with the period that begins at the settlement of Jamestown in 1607 and lasts until flintlocks became prevalent and armor disappeared around 1675.  As Feudal Patrol™ is designed for conflicts characterized mostly by melee and the use of armor, the early seventeenth century marks the latest period in which these rules are appropriate. Toward the end of the century, as armor disappears and flintlocks with bayonets replace matchlocks and pikes, the Napoleonic supplement for Combat Patrol™: WWII is more appropriate.

This is a Free downloadable PDF supplement. A copy of Feudal Patrol and two or more Feudal Patrol Action Decks are required to play.

The game can also be played between two players, two teams of players or solo using the in-built solo 'AI' mechanisms of Feudal Patrol.

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