Colonel Rolf Von Guffling

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Colonel Rolf Von Guffling

Rolf is the youngest son of the Baron Von Guuflings and is an Army General of the Northern Province of the Quadling lands. His appointment was due more to his father's power, prestige, and position in Quadling society than any talent on Rolf’s part. In truth, Rolf had no real abilities or skills. Although the Guufling family had high hope's for their youngest son he never demonstrated any initiative, intelligence, or even the remotest desire to work.

Pampered and spoiled from birth and always overshadowed by his brighter brothers, Rolf has been a continual disappointment in his later life. To the distress of his father he shows not even the slightest interest in any of the Guufling business ventures. He wouldn’t dream of muddling his delicate hands in pastry flour and sugar. The times he enters the families bakeries are  to help himself to the one treat he ever cares for -- big plates of giant cookies. It doesn’t matter the kind as long as they are big and sweet. While on campaign he is never without a plate heaped with cookies.


Although he was without any true abilities Rolf is positive his is the bravest and most dashing warrior in the army, beloved by his troops. Nothing could be further from the truth. His commission as Army General was bought at great cost by his father. His older brothers always make sure he was always surrounded the most successful and competent Colonels in the Quadling forces. His “brilliance” has always been the work of others. Many times these Colonels disobeyed Rolf’s orders and staved off horrible disasters for the Northern forces. Of course, General Rolf always takes full and very vocal credit for any successes, waving his hat all about, loudly proclaiming "HIS GREAT VICTORY" – all the time while consuming a plate full of cookies!


Contains one 28mm scale miniature


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