Horror Booster Pack #1

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This Horror Booster pack includes 15 cards to add to your Pulp Alley Horror Deck for even more mind-rending fear and insanity --

1 x Call of Madness
1 x Cracked
1 x Crazed
1 x Delirious
1 x Demented
1 x Deranged
1 x Hesitation
1 x Irrational
1 x Screw Loose
1 x Mad as a Hatter
1 x Shakey
1 x Round the Bend
1 x Unhinged
1 x Barmy
1 x Bonkers

Note -- All orders that include this item may be expected to ship on or before June 6th.

Printed on premium black-core stock to match our other high quality Pulp Alley cards.

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