Type 28 Anti-Tank Pillbox

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The type 28 is the largest of the pillbox designs and the only one with a specific anti-tank capability. It is almost square in plan, with the forward-facing corners chamfered. The walls are about 20 by 19 feet (6.1 by 5.8 m) long, constructed to shellproof specification at about 42 inches (107 cm) thick. There is a very large forward embrasure. It was designed to take a 2-pounder anti-tank gun or a Hotchkiss 6pdr gun. The gun shield of the artillery piece would largely fill the aperture. There are usually embrasures suitable for rifles or light machine guns in each of the two sidewalls.

Superficially, the type 28 resembles the smaller Vickers MMG emplacement, but the aperture is much larger and there is a very large rear entrance designed for ease of wheeling the gun in and out.

The traverse of the gun was limited to about 60°. Generally, these pillboxes were positioned to fire along fixed lines, such as enfilading fire across an anti-tank ditch or at a bridge and in such positions the limited traverse of the gun creates no real disadvantage; whereas, the small size of the embrasure provides greater protection for the gun and its crew.

The type 28 is fairly common with 306 built.

This is an easy to assemble MDF terrain piece for 28mm games. Part of our Operation Sea Lion British 28mm range. This kit is perfect for World War Two miniature games such as Bolt Action, Combat Patrol and Chain of Command and is particularly useful for use in Campaign: Sealion, the Warlord Games Bolt Action supplement released on 18th May 2017.
Model in photograph has been assembled and textured with sand then painted.

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