Old School Dungeon Set

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Terra-Blocks™ … Where do you want to play today?

Big set to get you started with your old school dungeon.

MDF kit with downloadable photo-texture cover sheets.


Set includes:

  • 20 x 50mm square passage pieces
  • 12 x 50mm square corner pieces
  • 9 x 50mm square wall pieces
  • 9 x 50mm square floor tiles
  • 3 x 50mm square doorway tile pieces
  • 3 x opening doors

This is the third set in a planned series of themed models which will include free to print, photo-realistic textures to take your gaming environment to the next level.

All pieces in this set are completely compatible with the rest of the Terra-Block range so textures can be used on these pieces if you wish to expand your layout.


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Terra-Blocks Old School Dungeon Starter
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Old School Dungeon Starter Download
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