Classic Movie Miniatures Episode 3:Whiteout Launches 10:00 GMT 29th June

Classic Movie Miniatures Episode 3:Whieout

Victrix Vikings.. highly detailed and accurate plastic miniatures

Victrix Vikings

Test of Honour 2 - Pre-order

Test of Honour 2

Wargame Atlantic Plastic Classical Skeletons & Sci-Fi Infantry

Wargames Atlantic New Plastic Skeletons

Wargames Atlantic Sci-Fi Infantry


D Day Commemoration


To commemorate the 75 year anniversary of the D Day landings, we are offering our Normandy Photo-Realistic range of buildings with a discount of up to 25%.

Each order will also receive a FREE ruined first floor (whilst stocks last).

Use code DDAY75 at checkout to receive between 17% and 25% discount (depending on Shopping Basket Discounts applied).


Click here to visit our Photo-Realistic terrain page.

Siege Deals

Great for Lord of the Rings fans or anyone wanting to attack castles!

Grand Siege Attackers (Deal 1)

Grand Siege Attackers

2 x siege towers, 8 x siege ladders, 1 x battering ram (£49.50)

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Grand Sige and Curtain Wall and Gate (Deal 2)

Grand Siege Curtain Wall and Gate

 5 x 20' Casle Wall with Wooden Walkway, 2 x 20' Castle Wall with Walkway, 2 x 20' Wooden Stairs and 1 x 20' Castle Wall Double Gateway (£95)

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Albedo Combat Patrol ACP164...

Late Pledges now possible through Backerkit

Click here to take a look at the Albedo Miniatures Kickstarter

Click here for info on Albedo Miniatures Game Kickstarter

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Custom Terrain Making Service : Click here if you would like some terrain like this to play on!


Terra Formers - the foundations of great terrain.


We've just added the first video in a series taking you through the easy steps to building great looking terrain using Terra-Former tiles.

Click here to take a look at the video.


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Really Useful Boxes (RUBs)


Turn your Really Useful Box into a really useful box!

War Chests - Figure Storage Boxes


Store you figures in stackable boxes.

Add clear fronts or lids to make those fabulous miniatures visible. 

Clear 'Terra Bases'


Click here to see our extensive range of Clear 'Terra Bases'.



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Sally 4th laser cut wargames terrain for

28mm, 15mm & 10mm miniature wargames.


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