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This area of the website is my hobby blog, it contains articles about games that I have enjoyed playing together with paining and model making articles.

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Stargrave Conversions - updated 14th April 2021

I'm very excited by the iminent release of Stargrave. I'm a big fan of Frostgrave, and this new game sounds like it will be just as good, but set in Space with a Captain, Lieutenant and crew scavenging for treasure across the universe.

Stargrave is shipping early May, but in the meantime I'm inspired by some of the photos that I have seen of Frostgrave plastic Gnolls, Cultists and Ghost Archipelago Crew being converted to space mercenaries. In the figures drawer of my painting desk I had some spare Frostgrave Gnolls and Barbarians, so this morning I have made a start at converting them using some spare Albedo Critter Conversion Kit heads and weapons.


The left hand two miniatures are based on Frostgrave Barbarian bodies, the right hand three are based on Frostgrave Gnoll bodies.

All of the metal parts are from Albedo ACP164 kits and include carbines, sniper rifle, grenade launcher and combat shotgun. I'm hoping that there will be similar weapons to these available in Stargrave!!

I'm planning to get these painted over the weekend, and then get started on some more, so will update this blog with my progress.


Here's my first efforts at Stargrave conversions painted and based and ready for action.  The heads that I have used for conversion are either the Sandperson / Desert Raider heads or the Helmet & Respirator conversion pack.

Stargrave Conversions

These four conversions have all used the Frostgrave Cultist body. The right hand figure is armed with a grenade launcher from the special weapons pack the other three with carbines from the carbines and rifles conversion pack.. The observant may note that it is a carbine with a folding stock and one figure has the same carbine but with stock folded back.


This morning I've assembled a Stargrave Crew based on Albedo Space Pirates.


The droid is from Star Saga. Everything else is onverted from Frostgrave bodies and Albedo Critter Conversion kits arms, weapons & heads.

The Captain is the rabbit with an eye patch, he is based on a Frostgrave plastic wizard body. The figures next to him are Mate armed with advanced combat shotgun and the hacker who is armed with a pistol and carrying a data pad. These and all the other bodies are from the Frostgrave Cultist box set.


Next up is a runner armed with pistol and a grenadier and sniper. The figures that count as having Heavy Armor are all wearing Combat Helmets and we assume Kevlar plates under there robes!


Finaly we have three Troopers armed with carbines and heavy armour.


The Nickstarter for Stargrave (a pre-release program with lots of free goodies) is running until 26th April. You can place your orders through Sally 4th and get all of the free stuff by clicking here!

As we have had so much interest in Albedo Critter Conversion Packs, we have but a bundled deal together where you can select a plastic sprue for bodies, a weapon sprue and a head sprue as a single product. Click here to take a look!


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Blood & Plunder, Game 1

Last Saturday, Lewis and I played our first game on Blood & Plunder. I got the rulebook as a birthday present at the start of the month and already had a small selection of Pirates & Militia, so was keen to give the game a go.


As it was a first game, we kept it very simple and played a 100 point per side land battle on a 3' square table. The two forces were English Caribbean Militia and Brethren of the Coast.


I really liked the unit activation system. Although you can play using a standard set of playing cards, I designed and printed a custom deck to make things easier. Each turn you draw a card for each unit still in play, then for each activation you and your opponent choose a card from your hand and then simultaneously reveal it. The activation sequence is spades first, then hearts followed by diamonds with clubs activating last. I added this sequence number into the suite symbol. Within the suite, higher cards activate before lower cards. If both players play the same card (which happened once in our game) you roll off with D10's to determine who goes first. But.... what makes it interesting is that each suite allows a differing amount of actions, depending on the training level of your units, meaning you have difficult choices about playing a card that allows your unit to act early, or playing a card that allows them to do more things.

Blood and Plunder first game

Lewis rolled a dice to see who was going to play with which force, and who was going to be the attacker or defender. Lewis got to defend with the English Militia, and I attacked with the Pirates. I had a fair number of pirates with pistols and melee weapons, but very few with muskets, so over the last couple of weeks I had painted ten or so musket armed figures. You can check them out on my, ‘What have I painted in 2021’ Blog. My existing pirates were mainly from Wargames Foundry. The new ones that I am adding to my collection to play Blood & Plunder are from North Star Miniatures, Artizan Miniatures and Crusader Miniatures together with some that I have 3D printed from Iain Lovecraft’s Pirates vs Cthulhu Kickstarter.

Blood and Plunder first game

As Lewis and his English Militia were defending, they got to set up in a 12" deep deployment zone at the back of the table. He deployed a unit of militia in the building, freebooters on the track, a unit of seadogs outside the building and the last unit of militia on the cliff above the cave on his right flank.

Blood and Plunder first game

My forces set up in a 6" strip along the seaward side of the table. The boats (3D printed from Pirates vs Cthulhu) were not part of my force, they were just added as terrain features to make the table look good! I made a big mistake, attaching my leader 'Ann Bonnie' to my best unit, the freebooters and then placing them on my extreme left flank. I'd not appreciated the command rules before the game, so she was not in a position to use her command activations effectively.

Blood and Plunder first game

One of my units of seadogs made their way up my right flank, making best use of cover to protect themselves from the deadly fire from Lewis's freebooters to get to a position where they could charge the English seadogs who were defending the entrance to the building. The dice represents fatigue, my unit had 2 points of fatigue after the melee, the white bullet marker represents there firearms being partially unloaded. A marker with two bullet holes represents that all figures firearms are unloaded.

Blood and Plunder first game

Here a second unit of my seadogs have moved up to the cover of the building. They have a fatigue point as they were pushed to rush forward with three 4" moves, as I wanted them to be in cover from the English Freebooters.

Blood and Plunder first game

On my left flank, my Freebooters, led personally by Ann Bonnie had been successfully engaging the English militia in a firefight from the cover of the ruins until when the moment was right they advanced past the ruins to close the range and deliver a devastating volley that wiped out the Militia.

Blood and Plunder first game

Lewis moved his Freebooters into the building, which I then bypassed, as we were playing a breakthrough scenario and I gained strike points for having units in the English deployment zone at the end of the turn. Lewis took a strike test as he had lost 25% of his force, with two strike points for his losses and for having an attacking unit in his deployment zone and failed the test, meaning the first game was won by the Pirates (Brethren of the Coast).

The game was a lot of fun. Melee was pretty brutal. The activation system gave you a lot to think about and hard choices. We are both looking forward to playing another small gaming and then building up some more forces and trying an amphibious or naval game.

A few people have asked me about the modular terrain. The terrain boards are all built using Sally 4th Terra-Former kits.

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Pulp Alley Captain America vs Red Skull: Seize the Plans!

Read entire post: Pulp Alley Captain America vs Red Skull: Seize the Plans!

Yesterday Lewis & I had a fantastic game of Pulp Alley, played over Zoom... because that's what you do in 2021!

We rolled to see who would command each league, Lewis won and got to play with Captain America and the Howling Commandos and I commanded Red Skul and the Agents of Hydra.

Captain America vs Red Skull & Hydra 28mm Pulp Alley Wargame action

We played on of the standard scenarios from the Pulp Alley rulebook, Scenario 3: Trail of clues. This meant that the four minor plot points were placed on the table (roll of camera film, document in safe, cipher pad by radio set, weird scientific equipment). The first player, whose character solved one of these clues gets to place the major scenario plot point, the plans for the cipher machine. We rolled for scenario events, Captain America got Familiar Area giving him a bigger dice for rolling for starting Director, he'd obviously been well briefed on the mission. Red Skull got Reconnoiter meaning that characters could not move more than 6" or attack on turn one.

Captain America vs Red Skull & Hydra 28mm Pulp Alley Wargame action

Captain America and the Howling Commandos deployed in the North West corner, entering the base via the stairs.

Captain America vs Red Skull & Hydra 28mm Pulp Alley Wargame action

Red Skull and Hydra entered the base via the South Easten entrance way.

Captain America vs Red Skull & Hydra 28mm Pulp Alley Wargame action

The first turn was spent moving slowly onto the table. Early in turn 2, Dr Zola succesfuly attempted the peril and challenge to open up the safe, discovering a clue that led him to believe that the plans for the Cipher Machine were still in a powere boat that was alongside the Eastern dock.

Captain America vs Red Skull & Hydra 28mm Pulp Alley Wargame action

Agents of Hydra used there jet packs to good effect to take up positions on the cargo ship moored on the Western dock and engage 'Bucky' Barnes in a fierce firefight.

Captain America vs Red Skull & Hydra 28mm Pulp Alley Wargame action

Meanwhile on the Eastern Dock, Red Skull and his minions swarm forward to secure the Powerboat. Unfortunately, for Red Skull, he is distracted by some banter from the guards and does not get to move more than 3", preventing him reaching the plans on the boat this turn.

Captain America vs Red Skull & Hydra 28mm Pulp Alley Wargame action

Captain America rushes forward and tosses the hapless Hydra Soldier guarding the Eastern Jetty into the water.

Captain America vs Red Skull & Hydra 28mm Pulp Alley Wargame action

'Hey, America...Nameless Hydra Soldier 5 was my best buddy". The Hydra Gunner and Grenadier give Captain America all they've got placing a long burst and 3" burst down. Captain America easily passes both of the associated perils and moves forward heroically.

Captain America vs Red Skull & Hydra 28mm Pulp Alley Wargame action

The Howling Commandos; Reb, Pinky, Dum-Dum, Gabrieal and Cohen all run to Cap's assistance and a fierce firefight develops on the Eastern Jetty.

Captain America vs Red Skull & Hydra 28mm Pulp Alley Wargame action

Pinky Pemberton returns the compliment and catches the Hydra Gunner & Grenadier in a Long Blast from his machine gun, taking out the Grenadier.


Captain America steps down into a power boat, and starts shooting in an attempt to prevent Red Skull from finding the plans.

Captain America vs Red Skull & Hydra 28mm Pulp Alley Wargame action

... and nearly succeeds. Red Skull is only saved by the cover provided by the boat. Americas round is deflected by the casing of the outboard engine!

Captain America vs Red Skull & Hydra 28mm Pulp Alley Wargame action

Red Skull overcomes the peril and challenge and finds the plans for the Cipher machine. Uncannily the evil anti-hero, needing but a single success, rolls six hundred, three score and six on 3D8.... It's a sign!

Captain America vs Red Skull & Hydra 28mm Pulp Alley Wargame action

Dr Zola boards the motor boat and gets underway with Red Skull and the Cipher plans. We decided that a random skill check was required to untie the mooring lines, and another to start the engine.

Captain America vs Red Skull & Hydra 28mm Pulp Alley Wargame action

Captain America, 'Reb' and the other Commando's leg it to the end of the Eastern Jetty and lay down as much fire as they can on the small craft.

Captain America vs Red Skull & Hydra 28mm Pulp Alley Wargame action

The rest of the Howling Commandos, led by Dum-Dum Duggan run towards the southern end of the western jetty in order to be able to fire at the boat too. They come under fire from Agents of Hydra still in position on the cargo ship.

Captain America vs Red Skull & Hydra 28mm Pulp Alley Wargame action

We are now on turn six, the final turn and Red Skulls getaway looks assured.

Captain America vs Red Skull & Hydra 28mm Pulp Alley Wargame action

The boat comes alongside on the Eastern Dock, and Red Skull jumps off and heads the cover provided by the container ship.

Captain America vs Red Skull & Hydra 28mm Pulp Alley Wargame action

Meanwhile the Captain America League seize the initiative by killing a Hydra minion and play a fortuner card that extends the game to a seventh turn. Agent Carter heads for the camera, overcomes the peril and challenge to recover the film. When she draws a random reward card for the minor objective, I can not believe it; she draws a reward card that extends the game by another round as well. In the space of 3 or 4 minutes we've gone from game over to having to protect the plans for an additional two turns.

Captain America vs Red Skull & Hydra 28mm Pulp Alley Wargame action

After much fumbling with the mooring lines, Captain America and Reb are finally underway in another boat, in hot pursuit. 'Reb' is at the helm, and just getting into the swing of things when the pesky Hydra Gunner takes to the air with his jetpack and sprays the boat with a 'burst' from his machine gun.

Captain America vs Red Skull & Hydra 28mm Pulp Alley Wargame action

Unfortunately (for Captain America), 'Reb' goes down under fire and the boat swings out of control and collides with the jetty.

Captain America vs Red Skull & Hydra 28mm Pulp Alley Wargame action

To add insult to injury, in turn eight the Hydra Gunner covers the boat with another burst, causing it to sink and leaving Captain America and 'Reb' to swim to safety.

Captain America vs Red Skull & Hydra 28mm Pulp Alley Wargame action

At this point Lewis conceded. The end result was 4 victory points to Red Skull for the Major and a minor plot point and one victory point to Captain America for the film salvaged by Agent Carter.

This was one of the most exciting Pulp Alley games that Lewis and I have played in a long while. Just when we thought it over, the game was extended to eight turns, but still finished with a nail biting conclusion.

The game was played using 2nd edition Pulp Alley - click here for further details.

Red Skull and the Hydra League were modelled using figures from Pulp Figures Weird Menace range (PWM01 Weird Villains 1, PWM37 German Jet Troopen 1 & PWM38 German Jet Troopen 2) - click here for details.

Captain America and the Howling Commandos are represented by miniatures from Sally 4th Classic Movie Range (Able Company) Theses are available now to pre-order on Kickstarter (until Monday 15th March) - Click here to take a look at the Kickstarter campaign.

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Pulp Alley Captain America vs Hydra

Captain America Pulp Alley

Recently we have had a set of eight miniatures sculpted by Mark Fuller inspired by Captain America and his Howling Commando's.

These figures are available via Kickstarter until Monday 15th March.

My plan is to use them as a Pulp Alley League against a 'Hydra' inspired League represented by the Germans with Jetpack miniatures from Pulp Figures led by Red Skull and Dr Zola represented by figures from Pulp Figures PWM01 Weird Villains 1


I have started designing a set of character cards for Pulp Alley. They are available as a Free download. If you've got any ideas to improve them, please let me know.



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Seize the Port a Goblin Civil War Battle

Last Saturday I got together with Lewis, Doug, John and Elton to play a playtest game of Goblin Civil War. Goblin Civil War is a new game, under development written by Elton Walters from Goblins of the World. It is a goblin themed parody inspired by the events and troop types of the Spanish Civil War.


As we are currently in lockdown, the game was played virtually over Zoom. The terrain was set up in my games room, that has a webcam mounted on the ceiling to facilitate streaming to Zoom. Doug played the Royalists, tasked with guarding the port. Lewis & John played the socialists, tasked with capturing the port.


Each player commanded a platoon plus attachments. Lewis’s platoon attacked on the right flank. His platoon was strengthened by a unit of war-dogs and handlers


Doug’s Royalists were strengthened by a detachment of Naval Infantry, seen here deployed in a building next to the main gate. The building offered them a good level of protection, although they were eventually supressed by volume of incoming fire.


Johns Platoon attacked on the right flank, having to cross an expanse of marshy terrain that slowed them down considerably. His platoon was strengthened by a detachment of Monks & Nuns.


The first two sections make it through the swamp and pause to collect there breath before the final sprint to the wire.


The socialists platoon headquarters provides encouragement as the Monks & Nuns make it to the wire after a protracted firefight with the Royalists in the watch tower.


Eventually the complete detachment occupying the watch tower are supressed and the monks and nuns cut the wire, storm through and take them prisoner.


The Goblin Civil War uses an innovative system for measuring victory based on objectives selected prior to the start of the game. The deeper inside enemy territory the objective, the greater it’s value.


If the Goblin Civil War sounds like an interesting diversion, we are planning to release it via Kickstarter in a couple of months’ time, so you can sign up to Sally 4th newsletter to keep up to date with developments.

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Vampire Lords Army

Before Games Workshop axed Warhammer Fantasy Battle, I had a small army for just about every faction.

I am now working on recreating them for the upcoming Wars of Orcs and Dwarves mass fantasy battle game.

This page is to document progress on The Vampire Lords army.

Vampire Counts Army

Here is an overview of the Army - January 2021

Vampire Counts Zombie Pirates

Zombie Pirates - 6 stands

The figures in this unit were originally painted for Warhammer Fantasy Battle and are a mix of Games Workshop Zombie and Empire parts. I took the figures of their 20mm square Games Workshop bases, dipped them inArmy Painter Quicktone to give some instant shading and glued them onto 2" square bases together with some Renedra Gravestones.

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2021... What's been Painted?

Purchased 0 / Painted 411

I've often seen painting blogs, particularly on Lead Adventurers Forum and I've thought that is a great idea, as I have no idea how much stuff I might have bought or painted during a year.

You, have to be quick and start recording straight away, and then remember to record everything during the year. I've remembered to start at the right time, we'll just need to see how long I can keep it up!

April 2021


8 x Munchkin Townsfolk for Wars of Ozz


2 x Gnome Leaders for Wars of Ozz


2 x Pi-Rat Rats for Wars of Ozz

March 2021


Gnome Artilery Battery for Wars of Ozz


20 x Gnome Infantry armed with Blunderbus for Wars of Ozz


Another 10 Royal Navy ratings for upcoming Bond inspired Kickstarter.


A unit of five apple throwing trees for Wars of Ozz


Another 11 Soviet sailors for upcoming Bond inspired Kickstarter.


Two brigade command models for Wars of Ozz Mass Fantasy Battle game


5 x Freebooters for Blood & Plunder. Figures from Crusader Miniatures Pirate range


Another 24 of Stronbergs soldiers for upcoming Bond inspired Kickstarter.


20 x Gnome Infantry from Wars of Ozz


10 x Agents of Hydra These are from Pulp Figures PWM range - Weird Villains and German Troopen with Jet Packs!

28mm Eagles

10 x Great Eagles for Wars of Ozz

28mm Pirates

10 x Pirates for Blood & Plunder. Miniatures 3D printed, North Star and Crusader Miniatures


20 x 28mm Fairies armed with bows for Wars of Ozz


4 x Deep Ones. 3D prints from Pirates vs Cthulu Kickstarter.

February 2021


Private army, 12 of Stronbergs soldiers for upcoming Bond inspired Kickstarter.


A unit of 10 Corn Men for the Land of Harvest faction of Wars of Ozz


A unit of 10 Mushroom Men for the Land of Harvest faction of Wars of Ozz


Five pieces of resin sci-fi terrain from Scottia Grendell. We are going to be using this range for space ship / space station interiors in ACP164: Albedo Miniatures Game Wave 2 Kickstarter.


A manticore and two gnomes for D&D. These were all free sculpts that I downloaded from Thingiverse 3D printed in resin on Saturday and painted on Sunday


10 x small frame civilians for ACP:164 The Albedo Miniatures game. We now have 10 different civilians style bodies and three new species for Albedo Mole, Hedgehog & Shrew.


ACP164: The Albedo Miniatures Game AirCav squad


Colonial Police ferreting around the docks. These are conversions using Classic Movie Miniatures Colonial Police bodies and Albedo Critter Conversion Kit heads and tails.


Ogre 3D printed from Loot Studios for D&D


12 x Impkin Cavalry mounted on Cockerals for Wars of Ozz


12 x Goblin Civil War Monks & Nuns


12 x Goblin Civil War Naval Infantry


8 x Goblin Civil War Dog Handlers & Dogs


5 x Goblin Civil War Refugees

January 2021

Impkin Cavalry St Bernard

11 Impkin Cavalry ridding St Bernard Dogs for Wars of Ozz (Wave 2)


9 Goblin Civil War Socialists with SMGs.


20 Impkin Infantry for Wars of Ozz


8 Goblin Civil War Royalist characters


Gnoll D&D Character

Bond in Carlson


Glastron GT150


Commander on Jetbike

Sunseeker xs2000

Sunseeker GS2000 and 3 baddies


USN Submariners x 8 and 2 x RN Officers - The boats, jetbike and naval figures are all from Sally 4th Classic Movie Range. They have not been release yet they will be in a Spy Fi on Water kickstarter very shortly.


Goblin Civil War Socialists x 8 from Goblins of the World


Impkin Artillery with 4 crew for Wars of Ozz

Royal Navy Ratings

Royal Navy ratings x 9 from around 1977 armed with SMG's from Sally 4th Classic Movie Miniatures

1980s Soviet Navy Sailors

Soviet Naval ratings x 8 from around 1977 armed with SMG's from Sally 4th Classic Movie Miniatures


Goblin Civil War Royalists x 8 from Goblins of the World


Fireforge Living Dead Peasants - 18 figures plus some Renedra Gravestones painted using Instar Alpha Contrast Paint & based for Wars of Orcs and Dwarves


City Guard - 3 figures 3D printed from Lost Adventuers Kickstarter for D&D


Dwarf & Elf Adventurer - 2 figures 3D printed from Lost Adventuers Kickstarter for D&D


Female Prisoner & Beggar - 2 figures 3D printed from Iain Lovecrofts Desert Adventuers Kickstarter for Pulp Alley


Tomb King Chariot 2 figures 3D printed from Iain Lovecrofts Desert Adventuers Kickstarter for Wars of Orcs and Dwarves


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Pulp Alley...From Another World

Read entire post: Pulp Alley...From Another World

Last week Dave Phipps and I got together over Zoom to play 'From Another World', Pulp Alley Scenario of the Month 36 (December 2020).




​Here's the video we recorded of the game.


'From Another World' is inspired by the 1950's Pulp Sci-Fi classic, 'The Thing'. For those who have not seen the movie, (which I highly recommend), the story takes place in a remote Arctic research station. An alien spaceship has crashed nearby, the scientists want to study it, the military men want to blow it up! The Pulp Alley ‘From Another World’ scenario does a pretty good job of representing the main plot elements from the film. The scenario can be played solo, against another league or cooperatively. Dave and I decided to play cooperatively, 'The Visitor' is pretty tough so shooting at each other felt like it would lead to diasaster for all.


The scenario is played within the Arctic research station, which has six rooms and a connecting corridor. I used some Terra-Blocks to put a building together. The special cards for the scenario detail five events / plot points that occur in different rooms. One card is turned at the start of each of the first five turns. During the sixth turn the big showdown occurs in the corridor, where the characters try to trap The Visitor. Solving the initial plot points represent learning about the Visitor and identifying its weaknesses. For each minor plot point / encounter passed the difficulty of the final encounter is reduced by one success.


Four of the rooms also contain Bystanders (Carrington, Nikki, Scott & Tex). These characters can be persuaded to join your league if the relevant challenge is overcome.


When you draw an encounter card, a D6 is rolled. 1-3 the plot point is placed and 4-6 The Visitor is placed.


We were unlucky and The Visitor turned up on three turns. He is very tough, being made of vegetable matter, he can absorb a lot of damage. He is also horrific. We had lots of attempts to shoot and melee with the creature and bizarrely the only time we did some damage and drove him off was when a character failed a Horror Check, was overcome with blind panic, ran into the room and emptied his revolver with his eyes closed!


Turn six is the big show down. This represents building a trap in the corridor. We made a video of the game, which Dave is currently editing. Once completed I'll add a link, so do not want to spoil the surprise and give away how we faired against 'The Visitor'!


I have made a set of Free PDF Pulp Alley character cards for The Visitor, Nikki, Carrington, Scotty and Tex together with the characters in the leagues that Dave & I played.Click here to download them.

Additional Links.

Sally 4th Pulp Alley Store

The miniatures are from Sally 4th Classic Movie Miniatures range

The Scenario is Pulp Alley Scenario of the Month 36, From Another World. We have put together a special discounted deal that includes the miniatures and Pulp Alley Cards.

The terrain is made fromTerra-Block modules

The miniatures are mounted on Sally 4th clear Perspex bases

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Little by little... daily hobby progress

Inspired by good friend Mike Wilson, I have started this blog to document this years hobby progress.

I am planning to spend at least 15 minutes a day on hobby projects and if I miss a day, double up the next day and at the end of the session, take a quick snap and write a sentence about what I've done.

Friday 5th - Tuesday 9th February

I had a couple of very quick projects that I painted and completed over the weekend, which you can check out on my completed work blog including an Ogre for D&D and some Goblin Civil War miniatures.

The last couple of days I have been working on some miniatures that are going to feature in the Albedo Wave 2 Kickstarter, The figures to the right are an 8 critter AirCav squad. To the left we have a fun little conversion. I've converted a pack of Sally 4th Colonial Police, swapping there heads with some Albedo Miniatures Ferets in Fez's!


Monday 1st - Thursday 4th  February

The Impkin Cavalry mounted on Cockerals are just about complete. I have added some tufts, my favourites from Gamers Grass and some soil from the garden mixed with tile grout. Just needs some Woodland Scenic turf and they are done. In the background is a unit of Goblin Civil War Naval Infantry that I am also working on.


Friday 29th-Sunday 31st Januray

Working on a group of 12 Monks & Nuns for Goblin Civil War and 12 Impkins riding cockerels for Wars of Ozz. Looked up some photographic references for Cockerels and they really have that range of color!


Thursday 28th January

Started a couple of new groups of miniatures today, nine Goblin Civil War Socialist Militia, these have been undercoated yellow and the Instar Alpha Pure Green painted over heads and hands, and a unit of 11 Impkins riding St Bernards for Wars of Ozz.


Friday 22nd - Wednesday 27th January

Finished painting eight Goblin Civil War Royalist and unit of 20 Impkin Infantry for Wars of Ozz.


Thursday 21st January

Cleaned, assembled & stuck on to painting bases Impkin Infantry, Impkin Caavalry on Roosters & St Bernards! All new unit types for Wars of Ozz


Wednesday 20th January

Army Painter Softone ink wash added to Goblin Civil War miniatures, finished driver for Carlson power boat and assembled a Gnoll. My son Lewis is playing a Gnoll character in my D&D campaign who was raised in a Viking / Sea Pirate culture so needed a gnoll armed with hand axe and round shield. The model uses body and head from Frostgrave Gnolls and arms from Frostgrave Barbarians plastic box sets.


Tuesday 19th January

Working on 28mm Carlson power boat. Another tricky bit of making to get that red line! Also painted main uniform colour (Iraqui Sand) on Goblin Civil War figures.


Monday 18th January

Did not get any painting done Sunday as shop refurbishment took all day (and most of night!) Today started working on a group of eight Goblin Civil War Royalists. I used Army Painter Demon Yellow spray primer becuase I like the green skin effect when overpainted with Instar Alpha Pure Green contrast paint.


Saturday 16th January

Sunseeker GX2000 - Not sure if it shows up so well but hull is split blue & white. A bit of a nightmare getting a straight line. Used masking tape & Instar Alpha paint which is very smooth and concentrated pigment.


Friday 15th January

Two RN Officers, eight US Submariners and a RN Commander on a Jetbike.... where are we going with this one?


Thursday 14th January

Royal Navy ratings & Commander from around 1977 (give or take a year). This are coming soon via the next Classic Movie Miniatures Kickstarter.


A Glastron GT-150 with Commander Bond at the wheel. Could the next Kickstarter be themed around Bond on water?


Wednesday 13th January

Impkin Artillery for Wars of Ozz coming along nicely, Woodland Scenic Tree Foliage added to Horse Hair structure and the crew bases have been plastered. Planning to get this finished tommorow!


Tuesday 12th January

Painted a group on eight 28mm Soviet Navy 1980's armed with SMG's and glued onto Sally 4th clear bases.


Monday 11th January

Worked on Impkin Artillery for Wars of Ozz. Added filler and brown paint to base and glued ruberised horse hair to tree trunks ready for foliage.


Sunday 10th January

Today’s painting has an Egyptian theme. I have been working on the Undead Chariot, Mummy and Pyramid from Iain Lovecraft’s Desert Adventures. The chariot has been sprayed Army Painter white and has had an Army Painter Flesh Wash applied. The Tomb has been sprayed Army Painter Brown Leather and has then been dry brushed tan followed by bleached sand craft paints using the Large Drybrush from the Army Painter Masterclass Drybrush set.


Saturday 9th January


I did not get any painting done on Saturday, but did spend time setting up and then five and a half hours playing Wars of Orcs and Dwarves with Buck, Mark, David, Zeb, Chris P, Jim, Kevin and Greg. The game was a lot of fun

Friday 8th January


Todays hobby time has been spent gluing together an armies worth of Movement Trays to enable me to use my individually based medieval figures as multi-figures stands in Wars of Orcs and Dwarves.

Thursday 7th January



This morning I completed this group of eight Goblin Civil War Royalist Infantry. I've painted the rims of the bases in faction colours (Blue=Royalist, Red=Communist, Black=Anarchist, White=Church) to make the miniatures easier to spot on the table when playing remotely using Zoom. As well as completing painting, I added Gamers Grass Tufts and soil to the bases.


Games Workshop skeletons and Zombies are now complete after I added Woodland Scenic foam turf to the bases this morning.

Wednesday 6th January 2021

I started work on Monday to repurpose these Games Workshop Warhammer Skeletons & Zombies to use for Wars of Orcs and Dwarves. Today I painted up a sprue of Renedra Gravestones. These were sprayed Army Painter Leather Brown undercoat and then drybrushed using the new Army Painter Masterclass Drybrushes... which I highly recommend.


Once the figures and gravestones were glued down, I painted over the bases with PVA glue and applied my basing mixture, which is sterlised soil from the garden and chocolate tile grout.

Tuesday 5th January 2021


Today I have been working on these characterful Goblin Civil War goblins and adding plaster to the base of the Impkin Artillery for Wars of Ozz

Monday 4th January 2021

Something repurposed. Today’s hope activity is to repurpose these Games Workshop Warhammer figures into some units for Wars of Orcs and Dwarves.


I'm working on a Vampire Counts army for Wars of Orcs and Dwarves. I'm hoping to make two six stand units of Skeleton Infantry and a five stand unit of Zombies.

The Zombies had a very basic block style paint job applied, probably 15 years ago. Today I've dipped them in Army Painter Quick Tone Dark to apply some easy shading.


The Skeletons have been mended, carefully removed from their old 20mm square bases and glued onto 2" square bases with three or four figures per base. I am planning to add some Renedra Gravestones to the bases tomorrow to fill the gaps.

Sunday 3rd January 2021


Very pleased with todays progress. I've finished first chariot of three chariot Tomb King unit for Wars of Orcs and Dwarves together with a female prisoner and beggar from Iain Lovecrafts Desert Adventurer Kickstarter and five D&D figures (an Elf, Dwarf and three city guards).

Saturday 2nd Januray 2021


A double session, as I did not get anything done on New Years Day! Firstly working on a section of 3D printed City Wall. Plaster was undercoated Masonry Paint Bitter Chocolate and I applied a Yellow Ochre and Bleached Sand drybrush. On the figures front I cleaned up and undercoated white a Tomb King style chariot and applied an initial flesh wash over bone areas and applied some brown on to the batch of five 3D printed D&D figures.


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