The Munchkin

The Munchkins are a diminutive people, one of several types of Neo-Men who populate Ozz.
They have long hidden from men. The great Baum is the only historian who mentions them in the
ancient days and even then, he only provided a brief but insightful description of their lands. It is
only after the Last Great War that Munchkins appeared openly in the land.

Colonel Odie B. Sourdough's Regiments
The Sourdough Bakery Empire provided bread throughout the Kingdom for way too may years to recall. Three hundred years before, during the "Great Bread Shortage Wars" many of the Sourdough family were brutally murdered by the rioting mobs of angry Munchkin and Quadling rioters.

However, through the years they built up strong relationships with the Great Lands of Harvest and their rulers to supply the Kingdoms with plentiful food supplies. Although this was very financially rewarding it came with great danger as the Great Albine Mountains separated the two lands. Much of the commerce transportation was done on barges up and down the Never Ending River. This route was constantly subject to raiding parties sent out from the North and the East.

Colonel Sourdough had no particular talents or skills, but was still able to raise his regiments due to his great wealth.

Wars of Ozz Munchkin Infantry